Live Event Videography: Capture The Atmosphere As If You Were Really There.

Live Events Technology

Live Event Videography: Capture The Atmosphere As If You Were Really There.

Live Events Technology

Live Event Videography For Maximising Your ROI

Live event videography

Maybe you’re an experienced events organiser or just thinking about your first exhibit. Either way, putting on a live event usually costs a great deal of time, effort and money to organise. Because of this, it makes sense to capture that investment through live event videography. You can capture the buzz of the atmosphere, who was there, how many people were there, the exciting highlights that happened and testimonials from people who attended. As a result, all of that impact and effort will continue working for you after the event has finished. Live event videography creates valuable video assets that publicise your brand. It can give a visual identity to your organisation and capture the dynamism and energy of your event.

Consider a short, engaging film to share with colleagues, clients, and partners. Not only does this promote the event to those who couldn’t attend, but it also helps maintain excitement and a fear of missing out the next one! Live event videography can drive future attendance if you’re planning similar events later on.


Capture The Excitement And Build Up Of Big Live Events

Live event videography

Marketing your event a good bit of time before it starts is more than likely already on your agenda. The whole reason you are putting on your event in the first place, is to connect with your target audience directly in person right? Whether this be to find new customers or raise awareness for your cause with your key demographic, to do that, you need to get people through the door. That’s not an easy task, even before the global pandemic in 2020. Your audience may now be well adverse at staying at home, attending webinars or simply watching event highlights videos.

You may have thought about using the live event videography footage you captured from last year to promote the event, but is that enough? Using bespoke video content leading up to the live event can demonstrate some real value to your audience. It gives them a reason to travel to your event, to physically be there in person due to your direct invitation. This could be in the form of a product demonstration that you want to show off at the event. A sneak preview to a talk that you are giving at the event or even show the creativity and planning for the event itself for a more personal touch. Give them a carrot on a stick that they cannot resist.


How We Use Live Event Videography To Capture Your Day

We provide live event videography for all types of live events, including conferences, ceremonies, product launches, team-building events, galas, internal town halls, live streaming, exhibitions, flash mobs and marches.

First of all, we don’t just turn up and hit the big red button on the camera. Initially we work with you beforehand to understand the goals of the event, the kinds of people who will be attending and why. With this in mind, we plan ahead and develop a live event videography strategy and create an event highlights video with a purpose and an audience. That strategy may include producing pre-event video content, designed to help get more bodies through the door.

Whether your event is day or night, indoors or outdoors, in public or in a private event space, we manage everything from the live event videography itself, live streaming multiple cameras, onsite video editing and quick turnaround highlight videos. This means you can focus on your event while we handle the groundwork. A dedicated project manager oversees the process, ensuring everything runs smoothly, whether it’s a one-day event or multiple days of filming. We are professional and discreet in live event videography footage that will capture every aspect of the event, from the atmosphere and buzz to the key messages and learning points. From affordable single camera setups to large scale multi-camera coverage, we utilise our range of equipment and expertise to work around the event whilst ensuring no expense is spared in terms of visual quality. We work our way through our predetermined list of key interviewees, recording their insights on their subject matter and thoughts on the event itself. Our focus is on providing a memory of the day that captures your event’s key moments, maximises the filming potential, and leaves the people who didn’t attend some major fomo!

With the ever increasing demands of social media, audiences want your content and they want it now. As our live event videography crews capture the event, our editing team will be hard at work delivering a highlights video for social media as the event is happening. This will serve the audiences who can’t make it to the event but still want a summary of the day.


Maintain The Buzz Post Event

After the last guest leaves the event gear is packed away this is the time to keep the momentum of the event going. We get to work producing your post-event material with that extra bit of flair such as a compelling soundtrack, captions and supportive motion graphics.

These videos serve as a tool that celebrates your event’s success, attracts future attendees, and keeps your brand and cause at the forefront of your attendees heads.

Live event videography


Ride The Wave All The Way To Your Next Event

Would you like to take it one step further? We can re-edit the footage we captured to create an amazing announcement video for your future events.



Live event videography films are a fantastic tool for online engagement, attracting new members, encouraging sign-ups, and maintaining event buzz. They are a cost-effective way to capture the essence of your event without filming everything in detail for hours and hours on end. Live event videography captures and enhances the experience of big occasions. It ensures your investment in time, effort, and money continues to work for you long after the event.

Highlight the diversity of your live events with a conference film that can boost brand awareness, increase sign-ups and memberships, and showcase the positive energy of your event.

Get in touch with Film Division today to discuss how we can help you capture the essence of your live events and keep the excitement alive. Together, we can create powerful, impactful content that resonates with your audience and promotes positive change.

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