Sound Design

The Sound Mastering Professionals

At Film Division, we are passionate about sound mastering. When it comes to ensuring your corporate video makes the best impression, good sound design is crucial. We have the equipment, audio software and experience to make sure you receive the optimal audio for your production. 

The quality of audio can make or break a video. Despite this, surprisingly, sound mastering is not seen as a priority by your average video producer. When you choose Film Division, you can count on receiving first rate audio for the production. We have extensive audio skills, allowing us to provide dialogue replacement and animation sound design to film, TV and web video standards.

Our team capture key sounds during production and add in the little extras that create rich layers in the film’s audio. Film is hyperreality, so capturing everyday sounds and playing them back to an audience louder than normal is crucial to keep things interesting. The audio is then sound mixed and music is added to amplify impact and bring the video to life.

Sound Design Film Division

Achieving Outstanding Audio

Sound design isn’t just about ensuring the audience hears what’s on screen. Our audio is larger than life and a cut above the rest. Combining our sound mastering with fantastic music composition will enhance the overall emotional state of your audience. The result is a rewarding and engaging video experience. The art of sound design is demanding. However, we are confident we can apply our extensive audio skills to take your production to the next level.

At Film Division, we will ensure your vision is brought to life with clear and compelling audio. Our sound mastering will subtly blend the right effects and atmospheres to help elicit the perfect audience response to your video. If anything is going to make your production stand out from your competitors, it’s the time an effort that goes into making the audio awesome.