Video Marketing Course


Video Marketing Course


Unlock the video marketing secrets of the industry’s elite

You’ll learn how to…

  • leverage video within your marketing strategy so you can stay ahead of the game…82% of people engage more with video…and your competitors know it. Don’t get left behind.
  • Dial into what makes your audience tick, and talk to them directly, wherever they are
  • Understand where and when to post your video content for maximum engagement.
  • Tell stories to excite and empower your audience rather than turning them off by trying to make the hard sell.

But wait there’s more…

  • Create meaningful content that your prospects remember and ultimately steer them towards you when they’re making key decisions
  • Discover the secrets on how to get under the skin of your ideal customer, making sure that your messaging speaks to them directly
  • Learn our proprietary Timeline Method, a visual way to map out your video content.
  • Take back control of your budget with our pre-production frameworks…make sure your project is on time, on budget, every time!

Meet your host

With 10+ years’ of experience in the video marketing industry, Kevin Pfeil specialises in strategic concept development. Originally trained as an Industrial Design Engineer, he soon discovered his passion for video marketing and now applies peer-reviewed research methodologies to design audience and brand experiences.

His approach combines classical marketing theory with sociology, psychology, and cinematography to transform the mind, attitude, and behaviour of the audience. With a hands-on and visual process, Kevin guides his clients to creative video content for every stage in the customer journey.

Out of office, Kevin spends most of his time with his family, building Lego with his two boys, and supporting his local football team.

Unleash your
vision's impact…

At Film Division we don’t just make videos – we spark movements. Born from a collective passion to amplify change-makers, we craft cinematic narratives that resonate and inspire.

Our tapestry weaves creativity with strategy, turning visions into visceral experiences. We’re not just a production house; we’re collaborators, alchemists, and storytellers. From the whispers of an idea to the thunderclap of impact, we’re by your side. Together, let’s stir souls and sculpt a world buzzing with positive change.

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