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We empower likeminded changemakers for a better world, harnessing the power of video to engage, inspire and educate audiences to bring about the positive change you are looking for.

Transform Apathy Into Empathy

Getting people to really listen and act is a tough nut to crack. But here’s the game-changer: video content that strikes the right chords. We’re talking about engaging, relatable video campaigns that makes your audience sit up and take notice. This is about getting your message out of the background noise and onto centre stage. Let’s craft stories that don’t just inform but inspire action.

Realise The Change You Desire

We know, meaningful change often feels like it’s stuck in slow motion. But what if you had a secret weapon to speed things up? Enter razor-sharp, captivating videos. Our approach ensures that your message gets the traction it deserves, swiftly and effectively. Our data-led methodology makes sure that your videos reach the right audience at the right time, creating a surge in engagement and support that catalyses change.

Collaborate With A Team Who Genuinely Cares

We don’t see ourselves as just a video production company; we are your allies in change. We work closely with you and other purpose driven organisations, combining our creative talents with your vision for a brighter future, to create content that is a catalyst for transformation. We only employ professionals who truly care about making the world a better place.

Video pre-production services.
Video Pre-Production Services Editing

Science Meets Creativity

Our research-led ideation process means that the videos we produce for you are more likely to achieve your desired goal. By thoroughly understanding your target audience and industry trends, we craft content that resonates and engages effectively. This approach ensures your message is delivered with precision and impact, maximising your return on investment.

Finding our purpose in video marketing golden circle approach
Tailoring your video content

Our Process

Problem Diagnosis

Dive headfirst into creative collaboration where your vision takes centre stage. Through a whirlwind of analysing, sharing, imagining, and building, we’ll pinpoint what’s holding you back and what needs to take flight. It’s controlled chaos, where sparks fly and solutions take shape. Together, we lay the groundwork for what’s next.


Concept Development

With a solid understanding from the diagnosis, it’s time to bring your ideas to life. Here’s where creative alchemy happens. We mix and match, tweak and polish until we’ve got a concept that’s not just looks good, but truly resonates. A custom-tailored strategy designed to grab attention and never let go.



Rolling! Now, we enter the realm of making it real. We’re talking meticulous planning, on-point logistics, and filming that captures the essence. With your input in our editing suite, we’ll craft a final cut that screams ‘awesome’. Then, it’s full steam ahead to digital delivery – crisp, impactful, and ready to wow.


Targeted Distribution

This is where the rubber meets the road. Your killer video needs an audience that’s eager and ready. We don’t leave that to chance. With razor-sharp targeting, we’ll make sure your content finds its tribe – the ones who’ll not only watch but act. This is your message, in the right place at the perfect moment, igniting change.


Behavioural Change

The seeds of change have taken root! With every view, share, and heartfelt response, your message is fostering growth, shaping minds, and nudging behaviours. This is the moment where inspiration meets impact.


Real people…reel results

“The initial reaction I had after our first meeting was that Film Division was going to help me deliver.”

Bruno | VINCI Energies
Norma Johnston

“I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Film Division, in fact, I’d go a lot further than that. I would commend them to you.”

Norma | Schools Buying Club

““…Film Division really helped us to shape what it was we wanted, what we were trying to get out of it. You really made us focus on the end product and who we were trying to reach”

Corrine | West-Midlands Police
Richard Allen

““…the end result is a 90-second cinematic, really nicely shot video. I know it’s generated business. People tell me that part of the reason they choose us is because of the professional image that we have on our website.”

Richard | Reflections Detailing
Jim Sephton

“Our experience with Film Division was very positive. It was a very collaborative approach. They were very easy to work with.”

Jim | Grange Live Gaming
Haq Meharban

“The video delivered the right message in the right way. I think your passion for a project that you take on is clearly visible.”

Haq | Instinct Hardware

“All five are simply excellent. Thank you.  They make pipetting look sexy and exciting which is amazing.  The clarity of the spoken word is fantastic, and the labs seems very busy.  The video quality in terms of material is simply great.”

Steve | University of Birmingham

Creating change… one frame at a time

About Film Division

At Film Division we don’t just make videos – we spark movements. Born from a collective passion to amplify change-makers, we craft cinematic narratives that resonate and inspire.

Our tapestry weaves creativity with strategy, turning visions into visceral experiences. We’re not just a production house; we’re collaborators, alchemists, and storytellers. From the whispers of an idea to the thunderclap of impact, we’re by your side. Together, let’s stir souls and sculpt a world buzzing with positive change.

About Film Division


How can we ensure our content resonates with the right audience?

Through strategic storytelling and targeted distribution, we ensure your content strikes a chord with the audience that shares your values. We meticulously tailor the narrative and visuals to align with the heart of your message, captivating the right viewers and fostering genuine connections.

We have so much on our plates; how do you make the process manageable for us?

We get it; you’re swamped. That’s why we’ve designed a streamlined, hassle-free process. We take the heavy lifting off your shoulders, handling everything from concept development to distribution. Our collaborative approach means you stay in the loop without drowning in the details.

How do you expand the reach of our videos to engage more people?

We use a potent mix of razor-sharp targeting, data-driven insights, and stirring storytelling to catapult your videos to a wider audience. With our targeted distribution strategies, we make sure your content doesn’t just reach more eyes – it resonates, engages, and ignites action.

Our message seems blurry. How can you help us create a focused and clear narrative?

Clarity is king. Our problem diagnosis phase is all about refining and crystallising your message. We work with you to distil the essence of what you want to convey and then artfully craft a focused, compelling narrative that leaves an indelible mark on your audience.

How can we measure the real-world impact of our videos?

Impact is more than just views and likes. We delve into the data to track engagement, audience behaviour, and conversion metrics. Plus, our strategic focus on behavioural change means we’re always looking for tangible shifts in attitudes and actions. Together, we’ll define success and measure the waves of change your content creates.

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