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About us

High quality cinematic brand film production company

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Delivering Outstanding Film Production

Film Division are a film production company primarily based in Birmingham, UK.

We produce purposeful video content to educate, persuade and change minds for the better.

We love nothing more than designing compelling audience experiences with cinematic-standard film production tools. From developing your concept planning your video, shooting in stunning 4K, and editing in post-production, we deliver film production excellence.

We connect with our likeminded clients who share our values and want to make a positive change. Change never comes from working alone, but from collaboration. Every project we take on is shared creative journey. We prefer to see this as a partnership with the same goal, rather than an exchange of services.
Our mission is to solve your organisations problem or educate and change someone’s mind, our tool for this is film production.
We ensure that the video content we create has the desired impact with your target audience. Our commitment to excellence and making the world a better place is what makes us roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.


Film Production Company in Birmingham

Our expert team is passionate about making a difference with our film production skills. Collectively, we have over 30 years’ worth of experience working with large and small budgets. Because of this, we have the knowledge and ability to produce outstanding video in a cost-effective and professional way.

We find new and exciting ways of using film production to drive engagement and bring focussed attention to your organisation’s key messages.

Our producers, directors, designers, camera operators and video editors create stunning video content that, increases engagement, and brings the right eyeballs to listen to your cause.

Our team is friendly, approachable and we treat everyone with respect. Above all, we want what you want: to create a video that gets your message across, exactly the way you intended it. But why stop there? We believe every video should be compelling, memorable and make a difference.

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Our Story

How It All Started

We have been producing videos since 2010. Our journey began with the meeting of fresh faced minds which became a collaboration of creativity. An alliance of freelance filmmakers that became family. United by our passion for creativity we set out with one mission, to create engaging cinematic content. Working with a range of budgets, no job was too small. In 2017 we became a limited company and wouldn’t let anything stop us. But it wasn’t easy, there were difficult days. 

We’ve pulled long hours and drove many miles around the world doing crazy sh*t, because we care. Some might see it as a burden, but truthly these are our trials. And through blood, sweat, tears and life’s challenges, we persevere. Now we are moving forward more determined than ever to make a difference.