4K Video Production

4K Video Production

4K video production, we can go much further. We offer the highest available standards when it comes to image resolution. All projects are filmed in industry-standard high definition 4K video or above. 4K video production technology guarantees the highest level of quality as well as the most room to enhance the imagery in post-production. We are able to develop high resolution projects into website video formats, as well as deliver cinema screen ready digital formats.

High resolution video, or 4K video content is no longer out of reach. The price of 4K television screens is dropping and the resolution of all other mobile and desktop devices are increasing as well. Hence the future dictates our standard and we make sure that the cinematic content that we create for our clients is future proof as well.

It’s only a matter of time before 4K video production becomes the new standard of the video production industry. As filmmakers, we thought to ourselves “why wait?”. We want to help bring about this standard sooner rather than later and pioneer the advancement of high resolution digital video.


Cinematic Quality

It’s not all about the resolution. We shoot on cinema standard cameras and lenses made for the cinematographer and we have the lighting to match. World class technology lies at our fingertips and we’re itching for an excuse to use it. It’s not just the cameras either, we have track & dolly, camera jibs, smoke machines, wind machines, pyrotechnics and aerial drones.

How would this benefit you as a client? Well, if we shoot Hollywood, you get Hollywood. The high dynamic range and sensitive cameras allow us to create beautifully crafted cinematic images. The camera rigs add a level of camera movement that will really impact your story and everyone loves a good explosion. We want to bring the look and tone of cinema to your web browser, we have the technology to do this, so why can’t your business get the Hollywood treatment?

Hollywood can be expensive, but Film Division is not. We cater to all budgets and all project sizes. So tell us about your next project, it may not be as expensive to create as you think!