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Video Marketing Campaign

Video Marketing Technology

Video Marketing Campaign

Why The Technology Does Matter

Many of my blogs feature the three key elements of video marketing. Just as a quick reminder, with these three key elements I mean amazing image quality, a brilliant story and excellent cinematography. Two of these three elements revolve around human skill. Both cinematography and writing stories are skills you can develop. However, image quality is down to the camera and lenses you use. As such, if you want to develop and grow in image quality, investing in kit is a must. But how do you get some hands-on experience with the latest video marketing technology? Trade shows is the answer. Last week we paid a visit to the Video Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Here is a short impression:

Video Marketing Technology - The Video Show @NEC Birmingham

Video Marketing Technology – Sound

When you think of video marketing technology, often the camera and lens is combination is the first thing that springs to mind. However, you should never discount the audio. Even-though many videos on social media are consumed without sound,  audio still remains an important aspect of video marketing. Whether it’s an interview narrative or sound effects, audio helps to get the message across. Crappy audio results in a crappy video. So for us it was great to familiarise ourselves with the new kit from Sennheiser.

Video Marketing Technology - Audio

Video Marketing Technology – Camera

As video producers, we’re always delighted when we can play around with different models from different manufactures. All these different set-ups are inspirational. There is only one downside when reviewing kit at a trade show. It’s often difficult to or impossible to review actual footage in a workflow. Yes, you might have an amazing Phantom VEO 100mm Masterprime set-up, but if you can’t check the footage, it’s difficult to assess if it really is something for you to use.

Video Marketing Technology - Camera

Video Marketing Technology – Editing

As editors, you sometimes get stuck in your ways. You might have certain pre-sets in your software and are accustomed to one way of working. But just like how cameras evolve and grow, editing software gets updates. New and exciting features might change your processes and workflow. Trade shows are great to help you rethink your editing workflow and speed up your processes. From faster rendering times to key-ing Green-Screens, every little bit helps you to become a better editor. We’ve certainly changed the way we process data. Our sound mastering workflow is now almost twice as fast!

Video Marketing Technology - Editing

What’s in it for you?

Taking the time to get inspired by new video marketing technology makes you a better producer. We actively try to be better every single day. In a sense, you could say that we are lazy producers. If there is a way to do something quicker, more efficient and with the same or better quality, we’ll find it. We don’t stop in our journey to be the best. It’s the details that matter most. And you, our prospective client, would want to work with the best!

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