Video production, the details matter

Concept Development

Video production, the details matter

Concept Development

Video production and product design, the details matter

I think it’s fair to say that we at Film Division are big fans of the Star Wars franchise. In the stand-alone movie Rogue One, Galen Erso designed the Death Star to perfection. But in his main act of defiance, he created one weakness that allowed it to be destroyed with one single rocket. This shows that, as the proverb goes, the devil is in the details. That isn’t only true for massive space stations, but also for product design and video production. This is why we focus so much on the video production details.

Product Design Details

The reason for writing this blog was the discovery of a small and simple detail in the Manfrotto light stand when using it in our of our productions. On a normal film set or in a studio setting, you can often find the lights in a static position. But for us, when we are traveling from client to client, we have to set up on a different location every day. Walking back and forth to the car to collect all the kit takes up valuable time. That’s why we absolutely love a clever piece of industrial design that saves us valuable time.

Often we have to carry the separate light stands, but Manfrotto has designed a system that interlocks the light stands in one tidy unit. All stands fit neatly together and we can lift the package with one hand. It sounds so simple, but solutions like this make our day more efficient. It is clear that Manfrotto has a keen eye towards usability in context. Understanding the context of use helps you to find the details that matter. Details that make live easier. Details that change a generic product to a product we love to use. You can’t design great products without understanding the details.

Video Production Details

There are many details you have to consider in video production. Some might be so obvious that people might forget about them. The internet is flooded with pages that list cinema continuity mistakes. Details matter in every stage of video production.

Just like Manfrotto had a keen eye to usability in their product design, you should care about the details when you are producing a video. Just showing up, pressing record and plunking a video on you website leads to you missing out on the details that can really improve your content. Do you know who your audience is? Where do they view your videos? Are they invested in Social Media? These questions are really important if you want to discover the details that might matter to your customers.

Death Star video production details

Take some time to research the details and study the plans. That way you might discover the perfect way to target your audience with your business offer. We’re not all Skywalkers and we can’t rely on the force to guide us. We have to research and analyse our audience to find the video production details that matter. This allows us to design video content that hits the target.




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