Storytelling For Change – How a TV Series Raised Awareness

Making The World A Better Place People Prosperity Social Media Video Targeted Video TV Advert Video Marketing Campaign

Storytelling For Change – How a TV Series Raised Awareness

Making The World A Better Place People Prosperity Social Media Video Targeted Video TV Advert Video Marketing Campaign

Storytelling For ChangeThe Post Office Scandal

Storytelling is often associated simply with entertainment. And yet, some of the biggest societal change has come as a result of art projects, films and music. There is no better example that demonstrates storytelling for change than a recent ITV television series.

The Story

In the heart of recent UK news lies the gripping Post Office Scandal. A thrust back into the public eye by the compelling TV series “Mr Bates vs The Post Office“. Our current prime ministers calls it “one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in UK history“. Furthermore, he has announced plans to introduce new legislation because of it.

This is the story of thousands of postmasters that were accused of fraud, in the form of pocketing money for themselves between 1999 and 2015. However, the vast majority of them were completely innocent.

Actually, it was the result of a computing error with the digital accounting system provided by The Post Office. The system incorrectly stated that these post office branches had cash shortfalls. The Post Office however rejected any fault with the software and determined that the post office staff had been taking the money. Evidence shows that they were fully aware of the software’s issues, yet proceeded to prosecute 3,500 branch owner-operators anyway. Many of these were imprisoned, suffered with mental health issues, locally ostracism, destroyed their families and some even committed suicide.


The TV Series

While this scandal became public knowledge several years ago, it has recently been brought back into the public’s eye due the release of the recent ITV series “Mr Bates vs The Post Office”.

Of course there are going to be alterations and exaggerations in the series compared to the events that actually happened. Some elements of the truth must be altered for the sake of pacing and dramatic effect. However primary essence the story of what these postmasters went through is there.


Storytelling For Change

This raises an essential question: Can corporate video content be more than just “corporate”? The answer is a resounding yes. Surprisingly, your organisation’s video marketing can be not only informative but also entertaining, making it more engaging for your audience. Remember, when your target audience invests their precious time in watching your video, ensure you provide something of value in return. Humans are inherently drawn to compelling stories. The integration of your message into one has the power to bring about tangible real-world change. Make the every video a valuable audience experience.

You might assume that producing such content for tv is cost-prohibitive, especially when compared to mainstream TV dramas. However, with strategic planning, a focus on core messaging, and collaboration with a digital TV advertiser, it becomes a viable option for your organisation. Consider the impact of reaching a substantial portion of your audience through a precisely crafted targeted video campaign, delivering not only valuable content but also a compelling call to action.


The Change

Imagine the ripple effect this result could achieve for your organisation. By embracing story telling for change through visual media, you not only convey your message but also inspire action. This contributes to the broader narrative of societal transformation. In an era where narratives shape perceptions and influence change, leveraging the potency of visual storytelling becomes a strategic imperative for organisations aspiring to make a meaningful impact on the political landscape.

And if you, like us, put people, planet and prosperity over profit, let’ talk. Together we can embrace the power of storytelling be the change the world is looking for.

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