Video Production Professionals – Modern day craftsmen

Video Marketing Campaign

Video Production Professionals – Modern day craftsmen

Video Marketing Campaign

Last week, we came across this little gem right here. It’s a great piece of video marketing revolving around the familiar ‘getting paid in exposure’ principle. It illustrates something we see far too often in our industry. Clients ringing us, expecting to get a video on the cheap because it gets us exposure. They think that they are providing us a service by allowing us to work for free. I think that clients don’t always realise that creating engaging video content is a profession. We are professionals. We train, develop and hone our skills to be better every day. We are video production professionals.

The Original Craftsmen

When we think of craftsmen, an image of a carpenter, potter or painter comes to mind. A skilled individual that has trained to become a professional creator of goods. As such, these people are respected for their ability to create products. When we see a potter working on a wheel, we look in amazement. Everyone recognises the training that went into being able to mould clay into an vase, plate or cup. However, when we get to the so-called creative industries, it seems that the recognition suddenly flies out of the window.

Video Production Professionals - Brewer Craftsman

But my cousin has an iPhone, he can film….

That is a phrase we’ve heard on countless occasions. And yes, those iPhones do have a pretty amazing camera considering. But you hardly ever hear someone saying that his cousin has a hammer so he could fix the plumbing in your house. When it comes to plumbing, you do rely on the expertise and craftsmanship of your contractor. Why wouldn’t you rely on a video production professional to help you market your products? When a plumber comes over and fixes a leak, you’ll obviously pay him, but when a video production professional delivers a marketing video, some think it’s fine to pay in exposure.

Video Production Professional - Personal Stories

We need a change in perspective

I do know that much has been written on the ‘getting paid in exposure’ phenomenon. However, my goal with this blog is more to do with respect. I feel that it is time to recognise all these modern-day craftsmen working in the digital industry. Web Designers, Photographers, Video Production Professionals, all of them are masters of their craft. They create something out of nothing, they’ll help you sell, save or promote.

Here at FDHQ, we try to lead by example. Although we are often at the receiving end of the exposure chain, we do pay our suppliers, crew or kit, their fair share and ON TIME. For us, there is no 90 days waiting for your money. If you deliver a service that is of value to us, we respect that and return the respect by paying. It seems obvious, doesn’t it?

Video Production Professionals - Modern-day Craftsmanship

On a positive note

I do realise that this has been a bit of a whiny blog. Let’s change it. Even-though there are still many improvements needed in this industry, I wouldn’t want to change. I get up every day and go to the office with a smile on my face because I love what I do. I love how we use cine cameras to tell stories, stories that help businesses to grow, sell and evolve. I get to meet the people behind the brand, the people who deliver value to their customers every single day. And those passionate stories are amazing! They too are the craftsman in their industry!

So next time you’re looking for video production professionals, whether it’s us or another agency, for video marketing content, please think of them as the craftsmen the are.

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