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Animation Motion Graphics Storyboarding Tools

Animation Videos

Animation Motion Graphics Storyboarding Tools

Utilise Animation Videos for a Better Tomorrow

From unravelling the intricacies of a new piece of sustainable technology to explaining scientific practices, our animators craft animation videos that are vibrant, engaging and resonate with your audience.

In a realm where the challenges of capturing certain subjects on video persist, animated videos emerge as a potent alternative. Our skilled animators craft stories that align seamlessly with your brand and mission. Our approach transcends merely categorising animation as “fancy text”. Instead, we recognise its profound ability to convey facts and processes that might be overlooked in traditional video formats.

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Training Animation Videos

Our animated content stands as a versatile medium, ranging from in-house training tutorials to dynamic graphic presentations. As silent video consumption continues to surge on social media platforms, our animation videos play a pivotal role in conveying key messages seamlessly, making it easier for viewers to comprehend and engage with your content.

Animation videos in today’s dynamic digital landscape, not only enables brands to creatively reinforce key messages but also captivates audiences in a unique and memorable manner. At Film Division, we grasp the vital importance of defining your brand identity. Collaboratively, we can infuse a unique art style aligned and associated with your brand, and a thematic approach that seamlessly integrates with your values into all animated content. This not only bolsters brand recognition but also communicates your genuine care for your mission.

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Reasons to Choose Animation Videos over Traditional Videos

  1. Visual Appeal and Creativity

    Animation allows for limitless creativity in visual storytelling. It enables the representation of abstract concepts, intricate processes, and imaginative scenarios that may be challenging to convey through traditional video methods. The flexibility of animation provides a canvas for creativity, allowing your brand’s story to unfold in visually compelling ways.

  2. Simplified Communication of Complex Information

    Animation serves as a powerful tool for simplifying complex information. Whether explaining intricate technical details, complex data, or abstract concepts, animation breaks down information into easily digestible visual elements. This aids in enhancing audience understanding and retention of key messages.

  3. Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

    Animated videos often prove to be more cost-effective than traditional live-action videos. The production of animation involves fewer logistical challenges, requires fewer external contributors, and can be efficiently altered after feedback. This efficiency in production not only saves costs but also allows for a quicker turnaround in delivering compelling content.

  4. Enhanced Brand Customisation

    Animation offers unparalleled opportunities for brand customisation. From defining a unique art style to incorporating voiceover and thematic elements, animation video provide a platform to align your brand with your values. This customisation enhances brand recognition and creates a distinct identity in the minds of your audience.


2D Animation Videos

2D animation is a traditional technique that involves creating two-dimensional, flat images and displaying them rapidly in sequence to create the illusion of movement. In 2D animation, characters, scenes, and objects are typically created on a flat plane, without the use of depth or three-dimensional effects.

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3D Animation Videos

3D animation is a digital animation technique that involves creating three-dimensional computer-generated imagery (CGI) to simulate lifelike movement and visual effects. Unlike traditional 2D animation, which is based on flat images, 3D animation creates the illusion of depth by representing objects in a three-dimensional space. This technique is widely used in various industries, including film, video games, advertising, and simulations.


Whether opting for the budget-friendly simplicity of 2D animation or the impactful visualisation of 3D animation, our focus remains on ensuring that it tells a compelling story that deeply resonates with your target audience. The dynamic nature of animation allows us to explore limitless possibilities. We bring your brand to life in ways that leave a lasting impact. We understand the uniqueness of your needs and audience. Our goal is to breathe life into your brand, delivering memorable content that resonates with audiences and bolsters online visibility.

The animation creation process at Film Division is a thorough and collaborative journey designed to bring your brand to life through compelling visual storytelling. Here’s an in-depth look at each step:

Step 1: Brand Assessment

In the initial phase, our team conducts a comprehensive analysis of your brand. We delve into the existing brand identity, examining its strengths and identifying areas for refinement if necessary. Understanding the essence of your brand allows us to align the animation with your core values and messaging.

Step 2: Design Asset Creation

Following the brand assessment, we move on to designing the assets that will form the visual components of your animation. These design elements are not only rooted in your established visual brand but are also crafted with a keen consideration of the video’s objectives and its intended audience. This step involves creating a visual language that resonates with your brand while effectively communicating the intended message.

Step 3: Storyboard Development

Once the design assets receive approval, we transition to crafting a storyboard that outlines the sequence of events within the animation. The storyboard serves as a visual script, providing a comprehensive overview of how the narrative will unfold. This step ensures that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the animation’s flow and visual elements.

Step 4: Animation Video Process

Our skilled animators take the approved design assets and storyboard to breathe life into the story. This involves meticulous manipulation of elements, utilising virtual cameras and lighting techniques to create a dynamic and visually compelling sequence. The process focuses on seamlessly integrating design assets to convey the intended message effectively.

Step 5: Feedback and Refinement

Once the initial animation is complete, we present it to you for review. Your feedback is crucial at this stage, and we welcome any input or adjustments you may have. We strive to ensure that the animation aligns perfectly with your vision, brand identity, and messaging. This collaborative feedback loop ensures the final product meets your expectations.

Step 6: Rendering and Delivery

After incorporating your feedback and making necessary refinements, we proceed to the rendering phase. Rendering involves finalising the animation and preparing it for delivery to your target audience. This step ensures that the animated video is in its optimal format for distribution across various platforms.

Our meticulous six-step process is designed to not only create visually stunning animated content but also to ensure that the animation aligns seamlessly with your brand identity, objectives, and target audience. By combining creative design, strategic planning, and client collaboration, we deliver animated videos that effectively convey your brand story and captivate your audience.

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Let’s Make Some Animation Videos Together!

As we continue to evolve in the digital landscape, animated content becomes more than a marketing tool. It becomes a vehicle to communicate your genuine care for both people and the planet. Beyond marketing success, our services offer a unique opportunity to showcase your commitment to making a positive impact on individuals and the environment.

So, let’s embark on a visual storytelling journey that aligns seamlessly with your values and resonates with your audience’s passion for people and the planet. We invite you to get in touch with Film Division today. Let’s co-create narratives that matter, weaving together stories that leave a lasting impact. Contact us now to bring your vision to life. Whether your looking for a thoughtful homepage video or animated masterpiece, we’re here to contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future.

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At Film Division we don’t just make videos – we spark movements. Born from a collective passion to amplify change-makers, we craft cinematic narratives that resonate and inspire.

Our tapestry weaves creativity with strategy, turning visions into visceral experiences. We’re not just a production house; we’re collaborators, alchemists, and storytellers. From the whispers of an idea to the thunderclap of impact, we’re by your side. Together, let’s stir souls and sculpt a world buzzing with positive change.

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