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The Birmingham Platelet Group at the University of Birmingham adopts a multidisciplinary approach in the investigation of platelet and megakaryocyte biology, which ranges from cell biology, signal transduction and functional studies through to the use of mouse models and studies on patients. As part of their policy for making science more engaging and digestible for the average audience, the Platelet group needed a way of translating their complex research into a format that was easy to understand and also demonstrated the benefits that this research could be used to create.

A project with scientists is bound to be interesting. Every single scientist is like a walking library of very specific knowledge; knowledge that only a handful of people in the world possess. Filming these advanced microscopes and carefully calibrated pieces of research equipment in nothing short of an honour and privilege. Walking past the lab coats, petri-dishes and pipette does give you a sense of wonder and amazement about human curiosity.

But, this does come with its own challenge. The scientific vocabulary is one that consists of specific terminology that sounds more like a spell from Harry Potter than a conversation you would have with your neighbour.

Our job in this project wasn’t limited to capturing the footage and audio. In addition, we had to ensure that we were properly translating the scientific lingo into something that the average person could understand.

“All five videos are simply excellent. Thank you.  They make pipetting look sexy and exciting which is amazing.  The clarity of the spoken word is fantastic, and the labs seems very busy.  The video quality in terms of material is simply great.”

Professor Steve P. Watson University of Birmingham

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