Collaborative Video Marketing, Cinema Style


Collaborative Video Marketing, Cinema Style


A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about what I consider to be ‘Real’ Social Video Marketing. You can find it here. That blog introduced a video marketing project commissioned by Creative Tweed for the amazing athletes from the Warwickshire Bears. And now, we’re ready for you to see it in all its glory! Check out the final video below:

About this collaborative video marketing project

It was early 2018 when Creative Tweed came to us and asked if we wanted to assist with the production of the Bears video. And it was an easy decision to make. Right after confirming the project, we started on pre-production. Creative Tweed already had a concept with a brilliant theme and it was our job to translate this into a visual script and shot list that would do these amazing athletes justice. As such, we knew we had to go all out and deliver a truly cinematic end product.

Collaborative Video Marketing - Film Division and Creative Tweed

Several meetings later, we were ready;  a script in the pocket, the shoot date scheduled and the crew prepared. On an early Saturday morning in March we set out to shoot. I won’t spend many words to describe how awesome that day was. Instead, I’ll show you:

This project was amazing from start to finish. Ever since the first meeting with Creative Tweed, the synergy was off the scale. In this instance, we set out with two of our RED cameras, the RED Pro Prime lenses, a track & dolly and much more. Creative Tweed took responsibility for the edit and the end result something everyone can be proud of. A project like this shows that you really need a multi-disciplinary team to deliver quality content.

Collaborative Video Marketing - RED Epic W

If you want to collaborate with us on a project, drop us a line! We’re always keen to work with inspiring and creative partners and clients.




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