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Video Marketing Campaign

Real Social Video Marketing

Video Marketing Campaign

Every once in a while we’re just completely amazed by our clients. As a video marketing agency, we’re privileged to work with a wide range of interesting clients. However, in some occasions, some projects make you feel extra proud to be a part of. For us, that’s the real social video marketing. In this blog, we’ll update you on three amazing projects we’re working on at the moment in the hope that you as a reader will get behind them as well.

The West Midlands Police Museum

With the enormous popularity of the BBC series the Peaky Blinders, there is a growing interests in the crime and policing history in Birmingham and the West Midlands in general. In fact, the walking tour about the real Peaky Blinders is selling out so fast that it almost seems like Arthur Shelby ordered everyone to go!

Amongst other amazing artefacts and objects, pictures of the original Peaky Blinders are safely stored in the West Midlands Police Museum. However, it’s not open to the public. Obviously, a collection like this deserves an audience. And that’s where we come in.

As the West Midlands Police Museum is looking to relocate to the Lockup on Steel House Lane in Birmingham, we’re creating video content to help secure the funds needed to bring this collection to the public.

This production process lead us to meet some amazing people within the West Midlands Police. As it turns out, a Police Museum is more than just a collection of artefacts. Instead it is a place where the public can see and learn about the great and important history of policing. Ultimately, a police force can only work when it is supported and trusted by the public.

Please do check and follow their social channels and perhaps donate on the website.

Here is the final video:


The Warwickshire Bears

Have you ever seen live wheelchair basketball? A few weeks ago, our friends at Creative Tweed came to us to see if we would be up for filming a cinematic trailer about a wheelchair basketball club? Our answer? A definite yes!

After a few weeks of preparation, we set out to film on the 17th of March. We can describe the whole day in one word: Wow! This club, The Warwickshire Bears, is more than just a few people shooting some hoops. Instead, it’s a community of passionate athletes with an amazing support network of friends and family. We feel privileged to have been a part of that community even for one day. The short clip below might sum up how much we loved that shoot!

It was amazing to see how athletes of all ages played together. Male, female, young, older, disabled or abled, everyone could strap into a wheelchair and join the game. These people have shown us that a disability is no excuse not to get involved.

Here is the final video and below it, the behind the scenes video.


The SWEET Project

The final project up to discuss is the SWEET Project. This is another project in our partnership with Creative Tweed. Here we’re aiming to give students, universities and councils insight in what SWEET is all about.

The SWEET project is the brainchild of Jayne Hulbert and Jayne Cresswell. This not-for-profit enterprise is one of the largest independent trainee social work learning and training unit it the country. As such, it combines student social work placement with social work delivery in the region.

We’ve now spent our first out of three days of filming at their premises and we’re hooked on their passion and enthusiasm. Every single person that we spoke to or interviewed has a remarkable determination to help. Whether it’s helping students prepare their cases or the student itself helping the ones in need. As such, SWEET has already supported over 1,000 students from 48 different universities.

It was quite a humbling experience, to spend the day at SWEET. We’re so used to work in a corporate environment that revolves around sales, sales and sales that it is quite refreshing to be in a place that is all people focussed.

SWEET project real social video marketing

Once again, you can view the final video below:

The Sweet Project from Creative Tweed on Vimeo.

Real Social Video Marketing

These three projects taught us that real social video marketing is more than just clicks, likes and shares. Instead, real social video marketing is about making a difference. A positive difference in the lives of people.

In fact, video marketing is about engaging people. These projects have reinforced our notion that people aren’t statistics. They’re not numbers. Whether you’re aiming so sell your product or trying to establish social change, remember that you’re not creating content for a spreadsheet, you’re engaging with real people.




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