Cinematic Video Marketing Case Study: Watch our Mutt Motorcycles trailer

Video Marketing Campaign

Cinematic Video Marketing Case Study: Watch our Mutt Motorcycles trailer

Video Marketing Campaign

It was just before Christmas at the end of 2017 when we received word that Mutt Motorcycles was interested in a piece of cinematic video marketing that captures everything that makes them cool. We don’t need much more encouragement to pick up our Phantom VEO640S and RED Epic-W and get grafting. But before we dive into this cinematic video marketing case study, let’s give you some insight in these Brummie born and bred motorcycle maniacs:

Mutt Motorcycles

The smell of petrol, the sound of angle grinders and a can-do attitude – that is Mutt Motorcycles. Mutt started engineering and manufacturing motorcycles in 2012, led by their passion of assembling unique bikes . They started off small, but their dedication has driven them to establish an international dealership network.  Clients can fully customise their motorcycles to suit them, down to the paintwork, tyres and handle bars.

Cinematic Video Marketing Mutt Motorcycles

Birmingham has a long history of motorcycle manufacturing, from the likes of BSA and Norton. With this in mind, Mutt decided to keep the industrial heritage alive by settling in Birmingham. Everything but the engines is manufactured and assembled locally. Everyone at Mutt shows true dedication to building motorcycles in new and interesting ways. It’s never a dull day at the Mutt HQ! As the guys in the workshop say:

It is more than just a company, it is a philosophy. Since every Mutt is handmade, they all carry their own personality, resulting in a different riding experience for every bike.

In other words it is just like the people who ride them, extraordinary. A Mutt is simple, unique and easy to ride and maintain. In our motorcycles we combine style and simplicity, all to get the perfect ride. Above all we hope that our customers ride our motorcycles over and over again, getting them dirty like a Mutt is supposed to.

Mutt Motorcycles Filming with Phantom VEO640S

Cinematic Video Marketing Case Study: The Result

Our challenge was to capture everything there is to know about Mutt Motorcycles in a one-minute piece of cinematic video marketing: the passion, the grit and the overall vibe. The final result is the video below:

The true beauty of this video for us lies in the way we used super slow motion footage to add an extra layer of visual excitement. We could write paragraph after paragraph on how we did this, but its better to show you. Here is the behind the scenes video:

We had a blast filming this short cinematic piece of video marketing. Every project is another challenge for us and with every project we grow in our abilities. If you like what you’ve seen in this cinematic video marketing case study, give us a call. Let us know what we can produce for you!




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