Professional Videography Team: Powered by individuals

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Professional Videography Team: Powered by individuals

Our Work

Using a Professional Videography Team

Hi all, Kevin here, Business Director of Film Division. I’ve got a confession for you all. I’ve been working in video production quite some time now and I’ve never held a camera; wouldn’t even know which way to point it. I know that there is a record button somewhere and that there is a whole science on how lenses work. But that’s about it.

Is that a bad thing as a managing partner of a company that promises to deliver cinematic professional videography? I would say no, because it is not my role or expertise.

We’ve got an extremely talented crew here that knows their way around a camera. They all know how to create the best lighting conditions, they know which lens is most appropriate for which shot and most important, they know how to capture an emotion on camera. However, every crew member has his or her own expertise. One of our producers is an expert in the integration of animated motion graphics while another continues to surprise us with amazing edits.

My role is to discover, develop and design the story that is put to pixels. I’ll explore what makes your clients tick, I’ll find out what drives their ambition and how to reach them. When my job is done, I trust my crew to capture the image that engages the audience. They are masters of professional videography as I am master of mine.

This is why a multi-disciplinary team is important. We all bring different skills to the table that together create a synergy that is more than the sum of its parts. All of us are honest in the sense that we know what we can and – most importantly – can’t do. On a holistic level, our skills complement each other.  

Personally, I’m quite reluctant to engage with what I call the one-man-band freelancers that claim to be able to do and know it all. A jack of all trades might appear cheaper but it can’t deliver the same quality as an assembly of masters. 




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