Video Pre-Production Services

Casting Concept Development Locations Pre-Production Scriptwriting Service Storyboarding Testing

Video Pre-Production Services

Casting Concept Development Locations Pre-Production Scriptwriting Service Storyboarding Testing

Planning Before Even Picking Up A Camera With Video Pre-Production ServicesVideo pre-production services.

Video pre-production services are the foundation upon which successful campaigns and multimedia projects are built. You wouldn’t expect a surgeon to just walk into an operating theatre and start cutting, so we shouldn’t expect a camera operator to walk into a location with a camera and just start shooting stuff.

To make your video content effective and the mostly likely to achieve your goals, we need to invest in video pre-production services to maximise the time we have in production and even post-production.

Video Pre-Production: Communicating A Clear Vision

Video Pre-Production Services Clear Vision

Every project goal is unique and so we want to have a clear understanding of exactly what we are shooting, when, how and most importantly why. It’s vitally important that everyone in the video crew has an aligned vision as to why we are capturing this imagery and who for. Every crew member is there to contribute into creating something with purpose and the role that they play is vital in doing that, otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

For this reason we need to ensure that they are armed with the information ascertained from our video pre-production services, allowing them to make key creative decisions, because they are aware of the purpose of the campaign, down to each video, each scene and each shot.


Video Pre-Production Services: A Cost Saving Exercise

It’s no secret that video production can be quite expensive. You have the crew members, the talent, the location, the props, the costumes, the sets, the specialist equipment and even lunch. You don’t want to be doing any experimenting or coming up with a creative concept on the fly when all of these resources are there on set and costing money. Unless you’re Stanley Kubrick!

With the right video pre-production services in place, nobody on set really needs to think anymore, they can just do, because all of the thinking has already been done in the pre-production stage. You simply follow the plan.

Video pre-production can also highlight any potential problems we may have with certain locations and equipment before they happen on set, avoiding costly delays or a lower quality tool.

Because we know exactly what we are filming, we can be quite accurate with the amount of days it will take to produce the content, rather than budgeting for that extra shoot day just in case because there are too many unknown factors. Of course, we never want to stifle creativity. With some good video pre-production, you can be as efficient as possible on set, allowing for time to experiment, improvise and be creative. We would never ignore a capturing a beautiful shot!


Video Pre-Production Services: Saving Time In Post-Production

Video Pre-Production Services Editing

The benefits of utilising video pre-production services extends to post-production as well. Having a pre developed plan, for your video content in the form of a timeline, a storyboard or a script allows video editors to simply follow the plan, either to the letter or loosely, adding their own creative flare.

The alternative is to give the editor all of the footage and elements with an objective and let them spend many more days in the editing suite, piecing the content together, racking up that post-production bill.


Video Pre-Production Services

Our video pre-production services cover a range of essential stages that aid in bringing your vision to life.



Scriptwriting plays a pivotal role in our video pre-production, giving a clear communication of ideas that contribute to the success and effectiveness of the final video. Scripts serve as a blueprint, effectively conveying ideas, themes, and messages, ensuring clarity and coherence in the storytelling. They provide visual direction for the production team, specifying scene descriptions, camera angles, and shot compositions, facilitating the translation of the script into visually compelling sequences.

A scriptwriter can streamline the production process by providing a roadmap for filming and editing, helping to optimise rehearsals, filming schedules, and post-production workflows. It also ensures that the video aligns with the project’s objectives and goals, whether it’s promoting a product, conveying a message, telling a story, serving as a strategic tool for achieving your desired outcomes.



Storyboarding also serves as a blueprint, but in a visual format, translating the script into dynamic and visually engaging sequences. It allows us to visually plan each scene before filming, enabling precise control over camera angles, compositions, and transitions to achieve the desired aesthetic and narrative impact. Storyboards serve as a universal language for communicating ideas among the production team, facilitating clear communication and alignment on the creative vision, ensuring everyone understands their roles and responsibilities.

Storyboarding also helps identify potential challenges or issues early in the production process, allowing producers to anticipate problems with blocking, continuity, or visual coherence and address them proactively before filming begins. Laying this blueprint over a location scout can instantly decide whether a locations is appropriate or not. A well-planned storyboard streamlines the video pre-production services, reducing the need for extensive reshoots or revisions, saving time and resources, and ensuring efficient use of budget.



The casting process is pivotal in bringing characters to life and imbuing them with authenticity and charisma. It is a vital aspect of video pre-production services that can elevate the quality and impact of the content. Casting ensures that actors chosen for roles embody the essence of their characters, enhancing believability and fostering emotional connections with the audience. If we just hired actors based on their portfolio, without auditioning them first, we could be running the risk of representing your brand or message incorrectly.

In branded content, casting aligns actors with brand values and target audience, ensuring authentic representation that effectively communicates the brand message. Casting also allows for consistent performance quality throughout the production, selecting actors with the right skills and experience for each role to minimise inconsistencies and disruptions. When hiring multiple actors, a casting process fosters collaborative chemistry between actors, directors, and the production team, creating a positive working environment that encourages creativity and leads to stronger performances and a cohesive final product.


Location Sourcing

Choosing the right locations within video pre-production services, serves as a canvas upon which your narrative unfolds. Our team scouts and sources locations that complement your vision and enhance the storytelling experience. Carefully chosen locations enhance the visual appeal of the video, providing scenic backdrops or architectural features that complement the storyline and contribute to the overall aesthetic quality. Locations set the tone and mood of the video, evoking specific emotions or sensations that immerse viewers in the narrative world and enhance the storytelling experience.

Utilising existing locations can be more cost-effective than building sets from scratch, helping to optimise production budgets and allocate resources efficiently. Location sourcing involves assessing logistical considerations such as accessibility, parking, and permits, ensuring smooth and efficient filming operations while minimising challenges and streamlining the production process. You wouldn’t want to turn up to a location with all the crew and talent, only to find out its right by a main road and the audio quality is going to be terrible!



Like video scientists, it’s important we test our ideas and our hypotheses in order to make sure that when the lights are on and the cameras are rolling, that our idea is going to work. Testing these technical aspects ensures that camera settings, lighting conditions, audio quality, and equipment functionality meet the desired audio/visual standards we are looking to reach. It also allows us to refine our artistic vision, ideate and experiment with different approaches, and enhance visual impact.

Of course, testing beforehand helps identify and address technical or creative challenges, enabling proactive troubleshooting and the brainstorming of solutions to prevent delays and setbacks during production.


Planning & Logistics

The backbone of any successful video project lies in its planning and logistical framework. Logistics ensure efficient allocation and management of video equipment, crew members, and shooting locations, optimising the time we have to actually create the video. Something as simple as knowing where to park rather than arriving on the street and then looking for parking can save your production a lot of time. Planning involves scheduling and coordinating filming dates, crew availability, and transportation, ensuring that our video pre-production services are completed on time and everyone is on the same page.

Proper logistical planning anticipates and addresses potential challenges or obstacles in advance, minimising disruptions during filming and ensuring smooth production operations. It also plays a crucial role in forecasting and controlling costs related to equipment rentals, travel expenses, and other production necessities, helping to keep the production within budgetary constraints.

The planning we do in pre-production also extends to post-production, as effective logistical planning streamlines the post-production workflow, organising footage and other elements in a logical sequence to minimise downtime and maximise productivity, ensuring smooth and efficient edit process.


Health & Safety

More important that anything is safety and our planning encompasses the compliance with health and safety regulations, insurance requirements, and legal obligations, mitigating risks and liabilities associated with the production. Prioritising our health and safety measures is essential for safeguarding the physical and mental well-being of crew members, actors, and personnel involved in the production. Implementing health and safety protocols helps to identify and mitigate risks associated with working with equipment, props, and potentially hazardous environments, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries on set.

Health and safety measures help maintain continuity in production operations by preventing accidents and injuries that can disrupt filming schedules and lead to delays and cost overruns. It also keeps production quality high by ensuring that crews are well rested to be able to have the energy to carry out their duties.



In summary, video pre-production encompass a comprehensive suite of essential services that lay the groundwork for a successful video film or multimedia project. By leveraging our expertise in planning and logistics, scriptwriting, storyboarding and more, we are able to focus on bringing your creative vision and message to life with precision, authenticity, and impact.

Through meticulous attention to detail, innovative thinking, and unwavering dedication, we transform your vision into a visual force for positive change, safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

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