High Resolution Video Production

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High Resolution Video Production

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Want jaw dropping imagery?

High Resolution Video Production

With our 4K video production service, you can ensure your video is a cut above the rest. We achieve the highest standards when it comes to image resolution. All our projects are filmed in industry-standard high definition 4K video or above. 4K video production technology affords a breath-taking level of picture quality. It also makes it possible to enhance the imagery further in post-production. We are able to develop high resolution footage into website video formats, as well as cinema screen ready digital formats.

High resolution video, or 4K video content, is no longer out of reach for the average business. The price of 4K television screens is dropping. What’s more, the resolution of all other mobile and desktop devices is increasing. Because of this, we make sure the cinematic content we create enables clients to keep up-to-date with this trend.

It’s only a matter of time before anything below the 4K video production standard is regarded as sub-par. As filmmakers, we thought to ourselves, “why wait?”. We want to keep ahead of the curve sooner rather than later and pioneer the advancement of high resolution digital video.

Cinematic Quality

If you want to give your corporate video a Hollywood sheen of professionalism, 4k production is the way to go. We shoot on cinema standard cameras and lenses made for professional cinematographers – using advanced lighting systems for perfect results. World class technology is at our fingertips and we’re itching for an excuse to use it. In addition to cutting-edge cameras, we use an advanced track and dolly, camera jibs, smoke machines, wind machines, pyrotechnics and even aerial drones.

Whatever your industry, our 4K video production will help you stand out from the crowd. The high dynamic range and sensitive cameras we use allow us to create beautifully crafted cinematic images. Our camera rigs add a level of movement that will really enhance the action in your story (everyone loves a good explosion). We want to bring the look and tone of cinema to your web browser, and we have the technology to do this.

Hollywood studio productions are expensive. However, Film Division is not. We cater to all budgets and project sizes. We’re keen to hear your ideas for your next advert or corporate video. It may not be as expensive to create as you think, and our team are passionate about bringing your vision to life!


A Film Division crew member stands in a room looking out a large window across a vaste city scape.

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