How to start your Corporate Video Marketing?

Video Marketing Campaign

How to start your Corporate Video Marketing?

Video Marketing Campaign

When and how to start your Corporate Video Marketing?

At the moment of writing, it’s the 11th of January. Blue Monday, apparently the most depressing day of the year, is just around the corner. It’s the day where, amongst other factors, people start to notice that they’re already failing their New Year’s Resolutions. Even though there is actually no real science involved, I think that the phrase just stuck in people’s minds. But what if you planned to kickstart your corporate video marketing in the new year and feel like you’ve already missed the boat? No worries, this blog describes 3 easy steps to kickstart your Video Marketing without worrying about the time of year.

Garfield - Blue Monday for Corporate Video Marketing

1 Corporate Video Marketing Budget  

Alright, you’ve decided to engage your customers with video content. First, sit down and think about your budget for a moment. And with budget, I’m not just talking about money. Yes, you can hire professionals such as ourselves to produce the corporate video marketing content for you, but there is an option to film and edit small clips yourself. Moneywise, that option might be the most budget friendly solution. You should, however, consider that if you’re not producing content regularly, it will take you a long time to get your content to an acceptable level of quality. Are you able to invest that time? So Step 1 is to decide how much time and money you are willing to invest.

2 Video Platform

There are many different platforms to host your corporate video marketing content. YouTube and Vimeo are well known tools to host video content. It’s easy to set up and you can embed a video on your website in a few seconds. The different social media platforms offer great video hosting possibilities as well. Facebook prioritises video content whereas Twitter is a great discovery tool. Every hosting platform has its pros and cons. It would be great to create corporate video marketing content for each with a big enough budget. However, quite often the budget won’t cover multiple targeted edits and you’ll have to prioritise certain video platforms. Step 2 to kickstart your video marketing is to define priority in video platforms. Make sure your corporate video marketing is available at the place where your customers are.

3 Understand your customer

We’ve written about understanding your audience before and it is a logical transition from the previous step. Your corporate video marketing is a one sided sales conversation. Ultimately you’re producing content to improve your sales. Whether it’s a testimonial, product or social media video, the goal is to build trust from your customers to convince them to spend their money on your products or service.

If you’re looking to build trust, you have to make sure your content resonates well with your audience. Talk to your audience and try to understand them. How does your product or service help them? Engage with your customers. Learn how to approach them. It helps you to determine the most effective piece of corporate video marketing content. If budget is tight and you have to choose between a homepage video and a testimonial video, which would you go for? Base your decision on your conversations with your audience. My final tip in this blog is to keep talking to your audience and customers.

To sum up  

These three tips are not bound to New Year’s Resolutions. All content marketing needs time to mature. And with this in mind, corporate video marketing is no different. So don’t worry about missing the boat in January. It is better to start a bit later with a good understanding of your audience, a clear platform strategy and well defined budget. Rushing video content is never a solution.



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