Quality video content
for those who care.

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Video content for
those who care.

Film Division show reel

Think of us as your personal in-house video production team. Delivering high quality content for your strategy when you need it.

When you need that extra bit of video production expertise to deliver something truly extraordinary for your clients.

Promote your business like you’ve never done before. High quality video content to help the right customer buy your product.


Quality video content for people, planet & prosperity 


Are you looking for just a video or are you you ready to make a real difference? 

If yes, we’ll be your strategic partner to joins your cause and helps you wave the banner of positive change!

All of us here at Film Division believe in the power of video to change minds, attitudes and behaviours; the right message, for the right audience at the right time can influence the way the audience thinks and acts. This is the essence of social marketing.

With this great power comes great responsibility. And as such, we choose to use this power as a force of good, as an enabler of change to make the world a better place. Or better yet:

We believe in organisations who care. That’s why we care about their video content.

Our dedicated team of researchers, producers, content creators and editors embrace the design-thinking philosophy and crafts video content with purpose. 

We don’t just point and shoot. Similarly, we don’t compromise quality over convenience. Are you the visionary, revolutionary catalyst of change? If so, we want do be the driving force behind your video marketing strategy.  

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VINCI Technology Centre

Reflections Detailing


Nikall Steels

Modl Ltd


University of Birmingham

Mark Lavelle



Film Division helped us tell our story… so well in fact, we haven’t looked back!

Richard Spicer – Creative Tweed

Telling Stories

Video Production Company Birmingham

Our international team, with offices in the UK and EU, is passionate about all aspects of video production and video marketing. All video content is created to make the audience feel or do something. It’s a tool to inspire behavioural change.  

All Content is created to make an audience feel or do something

When you come to us with a project filled with purpose, we’ll roll up our sleeves and be at your side every step of the way. 

Through thorough research, inspired ideation, and strong collaboration, we’ll use our cameras, lenses, lights, and crew to join you in making the world a better place. 

Why this level of dedication? Because we believe in organisations that care as much as we do. 

And when we do, we give it our all.

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