Stories that
spark emotion.

Film Division show reel

Stories that
spark emotion.

Film Division show reel

Think of us as your personal in-house video production team. Delivering high quality content for your strategy when you need it.

When you need that extra bit of video production expertise to deliver something truly extraordinary for your clients.

Promote your business like you’ve never done before. High quality video content to help the right customer buy your product.


High quality
cinematic video


We are Film Division, a video production company in Birmingham. We are passionate producers of professional cinematic video content and deliver video at the highest standard. In fact, we bring Hollywood film making techniques to your business.

Since our filmmaking tools are the worlds market leading cinema cameras, lenses and lighting, we deliver outstanding image quality. Our team of dedicated and passionate professionals has over 30 years of combined experience. As a result, our clients can expect clarity, confidence and superior craftsmanship. All leading to beautifully crafted video content.

Low N' Slow

Grange Live Gaming

Mutt Motorcycles

Eastside Amateur Boxing Club



Film Division helped us tell our story… so well in fact, we haven’t looked back!

Richard Spicer – Creative Tweed

Telling Stories

Video Production Company Birmingham

Every business, every product and every person has a story, and it’s our job to find it and mould it into a captivating and focused piece of video content. As a video production company based in Birmingham, one of the leaders in the industrial revolution, we are standing on the shoulders of hard working individuals who helped define a country and technology.

Our portfolio consists of multiple high-end video projects for a wide range of clients both large and small in scale. Budget should never stand in the way of storytelling. With either a large or small budget, we will make your story known to your audience. While most of our productions are handled entirely in house, we also regularly collaborate on video projects with marketing agencies and marketing managers. Overall, we are proud to deliver creative and effective results.

In summary, we are Film Division and we create cinematic trailers for your business.

Film Division is not only confined to cinematic video production, we have also deliver outstanding result in production of promotional business & corporate video.

We believe that well produced video has potential to a make sudden impact on the consumers’ mind, that’s why hiring a professional organisation like Film Division for corporate video production is essential for success. 

So drop us a line and kickstart your video marketing strategy today!

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