“Always in motion is the future” – Guest Blog

Video Marketing Campaign

“Always in motion is the future” – Guest Blog

Video Marketing Campaign

Why Business Video Marketing is more important today than it has ever been

There’s no denying it. Social media, business video marketing and mobile device technology has created a culture that craves immediate gratification. Only the most eye-grabbing content can slow the pitiless plunge of the search bar. In fact, recent studies have suggested that our collective attention spans are now below goldfish levels when scrolling online.

For anyone looking to market a product or service in this fast-paced environment, online videos are an absolute must. This is largely because they allow you to communicate powerful messages about who you are and what you do instantly on a host of platforms (YouTube, Facebook, your website, etcetera).  

Online business video marketing is so essential for remaining competitive and creating a good rapport with an audience. It’s important to leave the production work to professionals. Whereas anyone can whip out a camcorder and upload a video to YouTube (now the second largest search engine in the world). But a poorly made video will make an even poorer impression on a viewer. It’s estimated that 60% of web browsers stay longer on a site where video is the main focus, as watching a video takes less effort than reading a text (or at least it does when the video has been professionally produced). Web browsers typically spend no more than 15 seconds on a text based website!

Online or Traditional Video Advertising

Perhaps you have heard that investing in online video advertising is an unnecessary expense. Perhaps you believe traditional TV or newspaper-based advertisements are still the way to go. If so, you must unlearn what you have learned. A huge audience of potential customers is passing you by!

In particular, younger customers. According to research data collected by the folks at Marketingcharts.com, 40% of the time young adults once spent watching TV is now dedicated to other activities (including watching YouTube videos, scrolling Facebook feeds, etc). This trend took place in the space of just 5 years. One can only speculate how rapidly this percentage will rise in the near future. Especially as mobile technology develops exponentially and grows more affordable, as well as accessible, internationally. If that doesn’t persuade you, consider this. According to a recent SEMrush report, 72% of marketing agencies consider online video ads to be more effective selling tools than television.

Why you need video marketing

Climbing the ladder

Let’s face it. If your business can’t be found on the first page of Google, it might as well be invisible. Fortunately, creating a YouTube channel for your business will allow you to increase your exposure while climbing the Google search rankings. It’s a win – win situation!

However, simply tagging your videos and sharing them on multiple social media platforms will do little to bump up your business’s position. Google rewards content with good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That means content that has been verified to be effective and relevant to browsers. This is all the more reason to have your online video marketing advertisements created by consummate professionals. Experts who understand how to tailor your content for maximum impact.

In addition to being able to give your advert that winning cinematic feel, professional video producers will work with you to formulate a storyline that will set your business apart from the crowd. If properly managed and produced, your search engine optimised video content will allow you to reach a more targeted audience than you would ever reach via television. That’s great news if you’re not keen on spending a fortune on TV advertising. And don’t like putting up with the frustrating delays that often accompany traditional TV ad production.                                  

When it comes to online business video marketing for your business, the investment is not only worth it. It’s crucial. It’s an integral element for giving your business the competitive edge it needs. However, it’s just as crucial to avail yourself of the services of professionals who have the technology and expertise to bring your marketing vision to life. Attempting to muddle your way through your own video production without the tools or know-how may prove to be a costly, downtime-inducing disaster. As a famous teacher once says ‘Do or do not, there is no try.


This weeks’ blog is a guest post by Samuel Medley.

Samuel is a UK-based author, essayist, editor and world cinema buff. He has articles in numerous overseas publications, including The B-Side and ExpatGo Malaysia.  




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