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About Video Marketing Professionals

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We recently booked a brilliant actress for a role in one of our videos. As such, we had her sign a talent release form to protect our content. However, to me, the word ‘talent’ seems out of place. Talent implies some sort of uniqueness. With this blog, I want to show that talent is absolutely nonsense. We are not talented. Instead, video marketing is a profession and we’re video marketing professionals. Let’s talk about that!

A word about talent

Everybody seems to like concept of the word ‘talent’. The Oxford dictionary define talent as a ‘natural aptitude or skill‘. It kind-of sounds like it’s something you’re born with. However, I’ve never seen a four year old child take up a RED camera and shoot an amazing homepage video. Let’s take a look at what talent actually is. Journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell wrote the brilliant book ‘Outliers‘. In this bestseller, Gladwell explores the circumstances that enabled great minds and athletes to thrive.  One of the chapters in the book defines the 10.000 hour rule. It roughly says that you need 10.000 hours of practice to perfect a skill or, in other words, to become a professional. In his book, Gladwell describes the example of the Beatles. Each and every band member is a ‘talented’ musician, but the 1.200 shows they played in Hamburg, Germany, made them the stage professionals that earned the mark as one of the greatest bands in history .

The Beatles in Hamburg - Video Marketing Professionals

The point I’m trying to make is that the word ‘Talent’ is a bit overused. I’d book a professional over a talent any day. A professional has honed their craft, has worked hard to become more skilled. To me, a talented person is a the start of a career. First do the 10.000 hours, then get back to me.

Video Marketing professionals

When I look at the team here at Film Division HQ, sure I see talented individuals. But more importantly, every single one of them is a professional. All of us here have practised, trained and most importantly, failed before. Let me just highlight how important failure is in the process of becoming a professional. It’s like that famous quote from the Dark Knight trilogy: “Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” You can be extremely talented, but there is no growth without failure. People learn from their mistakes and will go out of their way to avoid them in the future.

A professional reflects on his or her performance and tries to be better every time. That’s what we do here as well. With every new piece of kit, technique or trend, we’re on it to make it work for our clients. It’s not a case of sitting down and relying on our talent. No, our passion and dedication is much more important than that natural aptitude. Furthermore, it is not just about the individual, it is about the team.

Film vs Marketing

All of us here love film. We can watch the original Blade Runner over and over again. However, when you compare film with video marketing, there is a big difference. Where film appears to be more artistic and creative, video marketing is all about selling products and services. And as such, you want video marketing professionals that understand your focus and are cost effective. You’re not in it to be creative. You’re in it to grow a business. That’s what makes us different. We’re the video marketing professionals that want to help you grow. Help you realise your dreams and reach for the stars.




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