Video Legacy: How I See The World Now As A Father

Making The World A Better Place People Philosophy

Video Legacy: How I See The World Now As A Father

Making The World A Better Place People Philosophy

So what is a legacy? Is it how much money you made in your life time? Is it how many likes and comments you got on that Instagram post?

This is an unusual blog for me. Normally, I write about the benefits of targeted video or a case study about an organisation that we supported. This time it’s personal and I feel compelled to write it.

As you can read from the title, I recently became a father. My wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in March of this year. Whether you are a parent or not, most people will understand that having a child changes you, your perspective shifts, your priorities change, you are no longer the centre of your own universe. You start to think of your life as not just a single fleeting existence, but as a legacy. When I am gone, she will likely still be here. And if she chooses to, will have children of her own to pass the torch. But what does that mean to “pass the torch”? She looks like me, she has my DNA, my surname. What more could I possibly pass on to her?

How can we define our legacy?

Video Legacy

Our genes define the way we look, our height, our weight, our characteristics, our physical attributes. They can be the difference between a good basketball player and a champion, and we get these from our parents. But genes are not the only thing we leave behind. There are countless aspects of life that are not contained in our DNA. It falls upon us to impart these to our children. And not just to our own, but to all children as a community. From our knowledge of the environment to our ideals, from our cultural heritage to the beauty of poetry, from empathy to the complexities of human emotions.

Through the mediums of language, music, literature, and video, we transmit our experiences, our perceptions, and our emotions to the next generation—be they anger, joy, or sorrow. I have so much fun watching old family videos from when I was much younger, seeing faces I wouldn’t normally remember and ones that I do but are now gone. The homes we used to live in, the fashions and trends of the times. These people in these videos, my parents, my sister, my family all made me who I am today.

We have the magic of the digital age at our fingertips to communicate our beliefs, our history, our struggles, and our passions to others. We learn to see long before we learn to read. This implies that imagery is far more powerful and influential than it is given credit. I’m lucky to work within an industry that is all about communication and utilising the technology to tell these stories.

My legacy as a new parent

Like the vast majority of parents, I want what’s best for my daughter. I want to show her the beauty of the world and shield her from its horrors. That’s nothing new, but, I know I can’t protect her from everything forever. We need to let our children read our messy and sad history, to learn from our mistakes. Building the future and keeping the past alive go hand in hand. We need to progress as a species. Keeping hold of old traditions is just peer pressure from others who are long gone. It’s our responsibility to make sure that false information and old wives tales are filtered out and ideas that spread hate and division are labelled as such. Like when smoking tobacco and installing asbestos was once considered harmless, traditions such as releasing chinese lanterns into the atmosphere, wrapping paper and trophy hunting are not passed on and allocated to history. We need to find a fine balance of being lead by science and evidence whilst keeping our values and cultures alive.

I believe that us humans have one big fear in common. That is the fear to be forgotten. We want our memory, our existence, to remain after we are gone. For me, my daughter will be my legacy, my mark on history. And as my genes move on along my bloodline, so to are my morals and my convictions. My physical DNA along with the essence of who I am, lives on. The same goes with my ancestors, my grand parents and my parents.

I’ve still got a bit of work to do before I’m ready to “go” however. I want to make the world better than it was when I was born, better for my daughter to live and grow in. This, is my video legacy.

In terms of the future, what excites me the most is the person she will become. Will we even get on? What music will she enjoy? Will she come to me for advice in life? Will you find me embarrassing? All I know is that there is so much to look forward to.



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