Capture History with Video Marketing

Video Marketing Campaign

Capture History with Video Marketing

Video Marketing Campaign

The BBC series Peaky Blinders has been nothing short of a phenomenon. With four seasons already available, a fifth set to return in 2019 and plans to run seven in total, the Shelbys have almost become fictional Birmingham royalty. This new world wide interest in the real Peaky Blinders and Birmingham has sparked great opportunities for tourism in Brum. Peaky Blinder tours are so popular that it is difficult to get your place booked! With this increased attention for the Peaky Blinders, crime and policing, it’s a perfect moment to highlight one of our latest videos. This time, we capture history with video marketing.

History with Video Marketing

The West Midlands Police Museum

The Peaky Blinders series and characters were based on an actual gang in Birmingham. And we know this thanks many amazing records and photographs from the West Midlands Police Museum collection. We talked about our video marketing project for this museum in an earlier blog. Now, we’re proud to say that the video is live!

Filming this project was amazing. Not just the actual production phase, but the time we got in between interviews to sit down and talk to the amazing police officers. Their personal stories and anecdotes were amazing, touching and exciting at the same time. I truly get how Steven Knight got the inspiration to pen down the Peaky Blinders characters.

Capture REAL history with video marketing

The big difference between the Peaky Blinders and our video is the fact that ours isn’t a work of fiction. Instead, ours covers real stories from real people here in the West Midlands. And the amazing thing is that while talking to all our interviewees, we didn’t even scratch the surface of all the stories you can find in the collection of the museum. When you see all those old photographs, touch the old uniforms and smell the paper of the case rapports, that’s what real history is about.

Normally, we work on what we call cinematic trailers. But these projects, where we’re able to listen to real experiences, are something different. They make us proud to make a difference.

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