Testimonial Video Marketing, working with your client

Video Marketing Campaign

Testimonial Video Marketing, working with your client

Video Marketing Campaign

Testimonial videos are an amazing piece of video marketing. In essence, they add a credibility to your message that builds a trustworthy brand. You can find many examples of testimonial videos marketing online. In this blog, we’ll explore why we think your testimonial video marketing shouldn’t be about you. Instead, it should be from the viewpoint of your clients. That is what makes your video stand out.

Introducing the client

A few months ago, we met with Richard Allen. He owns and runs Reflections Detailing. Reflections doesn’t just clean cars. Instead, they make the car look better than when it left the showroom. Driven by a passionate love of cars, he and his colleague Lee spend hours of their time making a car absolutely perfect.

Richard Allen Reflection Detailing - Testimonial Video Marketing

This passion and great eye for detail was evident from the moment we stepped into the Reflections Detailing workshop. Instead of going straight into pre-production talks, we spend hours talking about our mutual love of cars and how even the tiniest details matter. This conversation led us to the realisation that his clients absolutely love his perfectionism. So if we are to produce a video about him, why not let his clients do the talking. With this in mind, we realised that the video shouldn’t be about Richard and how he makes a car perfect. It should be on why clients actually value his service. That is fully in line with our vision on commercial video marketing: your video shouldn’t be about you! Instead, it should be about your clients.

Introducing the clients’ client

Since we’ve established that the video shouldn’t be about Richard, we had to look for one of his clients that was eager to share his experience with us. It didn’t take long to convince James Green to participate. James Green is the founder and CEO of Techteam, a Midland based IT service provider.

Testimonial Video Marketing Range Rover

With clients all over the UK, he spends many hours in his Range Rover driving from meeting to meeting. In our video, we find out why James chose this vehicle and why he values the Reflections Detailing service.

Trust with testimonial video marketing

I personally don’t really trust companies that claim to be the best at what they do. I’d rather rely on honest reviews and testimonials from people that I can relate to. In this instance, James is the person I would listen to. I value a recommendation from James, based on his personality, authority and position. But then again, I have met him. People who will see the video have no idea of who James is. It is our job as video producers to establish James as a relatable person to listen to as a prospective Reflections Detailing customer. And that is a key element in testimonial video marketing. Contextual footage, or B-Roll, plays an important role to achieve this.

Testimonial Video Marketing with a RED Digital Cinema Epic-W Helium 8K

Four days of filming are in the bag and we’re now working hard on the edit. When the final video passes the quality control process, we’ll post it online with a detailed analysis of the video and process. In the meantime, here is a picture of James, receiving the Oscar for best Testimonial Video Marketing Lead Character.

Testimonial Video Marketing Lead Character


And here it is the final video. All of our hard work had paid off!



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