Target video marketing content

Concept Development Targeted Video Video Marketing Campaign

Target video marketing content

Concept Development Targeted Video Video Marketing Campaign

Target video marketing content

A few days ago I encountered an article on The Drum about the way Disney is in the process of completely overhauling their marketing. The Drum states that most businesses are focussing on the buying power of mum. By doing so, they almost completely neglect the role of the dad. However, through extensive qualitative research, Disney found that modern family life has changed completely and targeted marketing requires a different approach. This proves that if you want results, research is important to create targeted video marketing content.

So back to the study. Disney scheduled conversations with 160 dads from the UK, Germany, Spain and Sweden. These conversations showed that the dad should no longer be depicted an absent, overworked stereotype. Instead, the key findings show that the modern day dad has four main drivers: a desire to bond, protect, equip and entertain their children. Even when the difference in age, location and education levels were taking into account, these four drivers stand out.


Do you really know your audience?

It is often the dad who introduces the children to the Marvel and Star Wars franchises. So by creating content that resonates with the modern day dad, Disney can get the results that they are looking for. 

This Disney study is quite extensive. With this in mind, interviewing 160 dads in four different countries is not something local businesses can pull off. But the methodology is something you can apply in your own business. Our friends at Creative Tweed have created an interesting blueprint for businesses to analyse their clients and customers. In their blueprint, they introduce the concept of “buyer personas”. Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customer or client.

If you are looking to create targeted marketing, whether it is web, video or social media content, it is important to really know your audience. In the process of creating your buyer persona, don’t work from assumption. Talk to your audience, interview them to find the common denominators. Talk to as many individuals as possible to get a clear picture of who you’re selling to. Ask the right questions and develop your targeted video marketing content based their answers.

Bring it to the expert  

There are numerous agencies that can help you to create the perfect targeted marketing content. Whether you are looking for print, digital or video marketing, it is always best to leave the content creation to the experts.  You will be saving a lot of cash if you can bring a Buyer Persona to the conversation. That will save the content creators the time needed to do the research themselves. The more you prepare in advance, the better your targeted video marketing content will be.

So get started now. Ask the questions and target the perfect customers for your business.



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