Small Business Video Production Case Study


Small Business Video Production Case Study


Small Business Video:

Looking out for the little guy

People think that video production is expensive. And it is, the amount of time, effort, skill and money that goes into video production is astronomical. However at Film Division, we want to look out for the little guy by catering to all budgets. We have been in this business for a long time, and we know the tricks of the trade to minimise the cost of small business video production but not at the cost of quality.

The beauty about offering small business video production for me is my relationship with our clients. Andy Stubbs, from Low’n’Slow Streetfood, commissioned us to create video content for his new venture: a Kickstarter campaign to upscale his business.

We’ll film at the Street Food Awards this Saturday. Now we’re focussed on the pre-production to get his message across. After meeting Andy a few times, it is hard not to get infected by his enthusiasm and ambition. He and his partner Donna work 50+ hours a week to share their low and slow Texas style barbecued meat with the people of Birmingham and beyond. It is amazing to see how dedicated they are to the product. It is our challenge to capture this dedication on camera and translate it to video.  

I really consider myself lucky to be able to work with people that share a passion for their profession. To be honest, I am a sucker for a good piece of meat and love the smell of barbecue smoke in the morning. But to have someone put their trust in you to help them grow their business is the best feeling ever.

This brings me to the famous Spiderman (sorry, Uncle Ben) quote as mentioned in the title: “With great power comes great responsibility. Andy has placed his trust in us as video producers and this, for me, comes with great responsibility. He puts many hours in creating the best barbecue food of Birmingham and in return we need to put all effort in creating the best possible video content for him and his business. We’re not compromising quality over convenience. We’re going the extra mile and will make sure that we’re worthy of his trust.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign video below. Please follow Andy on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. His barbecue content will make you drool.




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