‘Exceptional’ Moments That Matter with Rich Media

Video Marketing Campaign

‘Exceptional’ Moments That Matter with Rich Media

Video Marketing Campaign

How To Make Your Product ‘Exceptional’ In The Moments That Matter with Rich Media

We all know what expensive media is, but what is rich media? What do the experts mean when they refer to content as ‘rich’? Well, to sum it up nicely, rich media is a digital term referring to content that embeds the likes of video, audio and other compelling elements that engage and encourage user interaction.

You could say it’s anything that pushes away from traditional static text and imagery, providing more dynamic elements and therefore a ‘richer’ user experience. It’s the additional sides to your main course and the ice cream on top of your pudding.

Who doesn’t like additional sides and sugar on top of sugar on top of sugar? The aim of this piece is to help you better understand the need for these additional juicy bits and most importantly, how to excel in the moments that really matter. When used correctly, video can take your product and inject a burst of life that you didn’t even realise was missing.



 AO.com and How They’ve Changed the Game

Being an ecommerce consultant , I’m constantly digesting new trends and the movements of big brands online. One brand that always stands out and certainly leads the way when it comes to using video production as a way of selling their product, is AO.com.

Admittedly, homeware products are never going to make the most exciting of content but I have no doubt this was precisely why AO.com chose to integrate video right into the heart of their content strategy. As more and more brands decide that having a shop front is no longer a necessary and actually online is where they need to be, naturally they are also starting to realise more innovation is needed in order to be seen and heard.

Video has excelled their online performance and is undoubtedly the force behind their ecommerce success. The simple fact is that video has allowed them to give users the personal and hands-on experience they would have traditionally experienced in a shop, but online. This is a truly passionate and customer centric approach. After all, who wants to sit and read through the specs of a washing machine when they can see exactly how it works in action?

 “We know and have seen that conversion rate is considerably higher when customers are fully engaged”

 AO.com know that video works for them, it’s tried and tested. Like all marketing strategies there will have been an investment involved and no doubt an element of, ‘is this actually going to pay off’. As a buyer of goods as well as marketer of them, I know that when it comes to investing in a reasonably priced product I need to know why I should be buying A over B. It’s this logic that justifies the actions of AO.com and makes their content strategy pretty bullet proof. It’s also a trend that we can see coming straight off the back of online bloggers, reviewing products and in turn fuelling business sales. AO.com have cut out the middle man, the blogger, and given customers what they really want exactly where they need it, on the page of purchase.

“Sometimes it’s really difficult to understand why one washing machine costs £1,000 and another, with basically the same spec, costs £200. After all, they both wash clothes”

 Where is The Proof?

 “The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video, and ⅓ of all online activity is dedicated to watching video.”

We all love video, whether it’s on the commute to work, casual lunch break browsing or capturing a moment with friends. Whatever the extent of our video consumption, we like it because it’s not highly time consuming, there is little demand needed from us to participate and therefore, we’re engaged.

The amount of time people spend watching and engaging with video is only going to increase in the years to come. Ecommerce video marketing is an area that is underutilised at current, AO.com strike me to be one of few brands with a consistent approach.

Product Videos and Your Customers

 The purpose of any retail website, is to get the customer to the product, with the aim that they browse, choose, buy and with any luck, buy again.

With this in mind, can you really afford to not to prioritise the content on your website at product level? The product page needs to be all singing and all dancing. Communicate with the browser in a way that resonates with them. Why and how is your product going to benefit them and most importantly, make their life better to some degree. Yes, even if it’s a washing machine, they are a necessity of modern life and a one-off purchase that people do not choose lightly.

Highly visual and well-thought-out product video content has the power to grow sales. This all comes from knowing your customers and how they like to buy. Structure the product level experience around accessible, credible and trustworthy rich media content that packs a punch.

Thank you to Film Division for the opportunity to Guest Post.

Rosie Watts is a Digital Marketing Manager at Apex Ecommerce, providing SEO services and PPC Services for ecommerce businesses.

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