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Tyrone International are a wash plant designer and manufacturer. A wash plant is a facility designed to clean and separate raw materials, particularly in the context of mining or recycling. It typically involves using water and mechanical processes to remove impurities and sort materials based on size and density. In the circular economy, wash plants play a crucial role by facilitating the recovery and recycling of valuable materials from waste streams. By efficiently extracting and reprocessing materials like metals or plastics, wash plants contribute to reducing resource depletion, minimizing environmental impact, and promoting a more sustainable and circular approach to resource management.

While Tyrone had the experience and knowledge for the task, they were relatively new as a brand. They needed to build and establish a brand voice with messaging to capitalise on the seismic trend of sustainability and the circular economy. This also involved raising awareness for existing and new target audiences via thought leadership video content, distributed across web and social media.


Our goal was to market Tyrone International as pioneers in reimagining aggregate, washing & water plants. The first step was to demonstrate their credibility by visiting their existing customers to produce case study videos on how Tyrone’s new wash plants had improved their business, increased production and expanded their capacity. Ones of these clients, was an aggregate provider called Kealshore.

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