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Omexom is part of VINCI Energie UK and RoI. They are one of the hidden experts that allow us to flick the light switch and see the actual lights turn on. And as such, they are vastly invested in the energy transition towards a carbon neutral future. Omexom is always on the lookout for new engineers to join their ever expanding team. However, they are not looking to attract any engineer. It has to be an engineer that fits a very specific profile.

Concept Development

As the brief for this project was extremely specific, our main task was to create a narrative that fit the right audience. To do so, we first needed to understand the audience. Over the course of multiple weeks we conducted interviews with existing engineers and used their input to produce an “Audience Persona”. In our creative process, this audience persona guided our entire production design as well as the content of every shot.


Filming in the remote areas of Aberdeenshire was a creative and exciting challenge for the production team. Safety is always key when it comes to working with electricity, so our camera crew needed to be flexible with the weather as the linesman would only be able to work when it was safe to do so. We could have used stock footage for this, but this would not have captured the essence and complexities of the role that Omexom play in the energy transition. We were happy to travel from Birmingham to North Scotland to make this happen.

While the interview was filmed and lit beautifully. The aim was to never show the interview and just use the voiceover so that the viewer was fully immersed in the role and reality of working for VINCI Energies / Omexom.


“The quality of the work has massively improved since working with Film Division” Bruno Seguin – VINCI Energies UK & ROI

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