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Modo Energy is a software platform that provides data analytics to enhance the operation and financial planning of energy assets, with a focus on battery energy storage markets.

Data analytics plays a crucial role in optimising the operation of energy assets, particularly in the context of green energy. By harnessing large sets of data, analytics can provide insights into energy consumption patterns, equipment performance, and maintenance needs. This information enables more efficient resource allocation, reducing operational costs and maximizing the output of renewable energy sources. Additionally, data analytics facilitates predictive modelling, allowing for better forecasting of energy production and demand. Ultimately, this enhances overall operational efficiency, promotes sustainability, and supports the transition to greener and more environmentally friendly energy solutions.

When Modo first approached Film Division, they were a relatively new start-up and needed to build up their reputation as experts in the field of energy, battery storage and data. Being a brand new brand, they had no credibility or authority to be seen as thought leaders in their mission to become the “Bloomberg” of the energy world. They were looking for guidance to produce a series of informative videos, called the Phase Academy, to demonstrate their knowledge and several podcasts (vlogcasts) with industry professionals to achieve this.

As a startup, they had no one in house with experience in video. They were looking for a high quality solution that they could eventually produce themselves in house.


After explaining what they wanted to achieve, we developed a comprehensive video kit list catered to their existing setup and gear that they already had and expanded upon it for maximum quality without breaking the bank. We also provided guidance on the equipment’s operation and best practice for producing the video content that they needed.

As a trial run, Film Division shot the first few videos and vlogcasts to show them how it was done. We also provided recurring post-production services for Modo, so they could fully concentrate on content creation.

After producing several hundred videos together, Modo Energy eventually grew and expanded with their own in house video team. While this meant the end of our partnership, it was fantastic to have been involved with them from the start and to have grown with them.

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