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Birmingham Mind provide person centred support to enable people who experience mental health distress to be in control of their lives. Their services include Residential Care, Supported Housing, Support in the individual’s own home, Day Service provision and other specialist community services.

The COVID pandemic was a challenging time for everyone, including Birmingham Mind. As face-to-face meetings were not possible, the Birmingham Mind team asked us to create longform video content to reach out to their service users. In various videos, we highlighted personal stories of survivors as well as relaxation techniques the audience can apply at home.

Concept Development

A vital element in our creative approach in this specific project was to take the audience seriously. Mental Health can be a difficult topic to discuss. And as such, the production of video content about mental health requires empathy. Empathy not only towards the audience, but also to the participants in the video.


With the COVID restrictions in mind, all speaking parts were filmed in a studio setting using a “long” lens to allow enough distance between the crew and the interviewee. The original plan from our client did not cover any b-roll (contextual footage). Our creative team pushed to include those shots and the result is more pleasant and effective.

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