Video Production Audience Journey

Video Marketing Campaign

Video Production Audience Journey

Video Marketing Campaign

Here at FD-HQ, we love to talk to professionals from other industries and see what we can learn from them. Last year, we spoke to Jamie Desogus from Harborne Kitchen about teamwork in a professional kitchen. This time, we reached out to Jeff Cook, a lecturer at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. We sat down and talked about his perspective on the video production audience journey. Check the full video below.

The importance of an audience journey

Jeff first talks about drawing a comparison between game design and video production. When designing a game experience you always consider the story of the characters in the game. However, as Jeff said, you need to consider the story of the audience as well. Just like the character in the game is engaged and learns new things, the audience should be engaged and evolve with the character.

Video Production Audience Journey - Player interaction

Video Production Audience journey

He continues to talk about how a video game doesn’t differ that much from a video when you think of it as a multi-media experience. Similarly to a video game, when someone watches a video, they to should come along on a journey. The video production audience journey should change the viewer in one way or the other. Especially when it relates to video marketing.  Often in video marketing, it’s a journey that leads to a purchase decision. And the engagement factors, tension, excitement, novelty and development play a vital role in this.

Video Production Audience Journey - Transformations of a hero

The Evolution of a Heroic Character

All this talk about taking your audience on a journey might make you wonder how to actually do this. In the video, Jeff introduces the evolution of a heroic character. Originally devised by Joseph Campbell and adapted to a 12 step process by Christopher Vogler. You can use these steps as an inspiration for your character development in the video, but also as a guideline in the video production audience journey.

Back to us

As video producers, we’re all about creating video content. And learning from other professional helps us to broaden our horizon. It provides us with the inspiration to keep growing and be better producers. Let us know if you are as inspired as we are. We’d love to have a chat to work with you to send your audience on a journey to your product or service!




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