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Problem Diagnosis

The Sweet Project is committed to helping families and adults in Birmingham receive a specific level of support to help them overcome their difficulties. The support offered is essential, often provided where other agencies do not offer any or where their support has ended.

The Sweet Project needed to increase their awareness and credibility within the social care sector. With such a large constituency, councils are sometimes unaware of the resources available to them, even from a charity.

The Sweet Project also relies heavily on student internships to carry out the work they do. They provide an array of experience to student social workers looking to gain more knowledge and hands on experience in the sector. Appealing to students not only trains the next generation of care workers, but also makes the Sweet Project one of the first steps of the careers ladder.

Concept Development

Trying to produce a single video to appeal to multiple audiences and address multiple problems is a sure way to fail. So we got to work creating personas for The Sweet Projects target audiences; Council workers within the social care departments and Social care students at graduate level.

Looking at what each of these audience recognise as value and as solutions to their own problems, we conceptualised a video that would highlight their pain relief and gains. In the councils case, having a cheaper workforce, as they are students, for more generalised social care work would free up their more experienced “in house” workers for more challenging work. For the students, they would get practical experience and expert knowledge from The Sweet Projects senior staff members as well as their foot in the door for the care sector.


Being a charity, The Sweet Project had a limited budget. So we crafted to get all the filming of 4 interviews and b-roll in one day with our experienced team focussing on getting the right answers from the interviews, while our other team member captured the required b-roll simultaneously.

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