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Promo video
Problem Diagnosis

Active Link work with young people aged between 12-18 who are disengaged in education. They use the power of co-creation, mentors and physical activity to steer kids away from a path of crime and unemployment. They do this by being the young person’s friend, giving them a positive focus and by being their constant.

They were a relatively new organisation when they approached us, and they needed to raise their brand profile and increase the amount of donations and funding they received. They had just finished one of their schemes in Birmingham and the users are now on the path to further education. Their prospects are now much higher, so Active Link wanted to try and capture something off the back of that.

They needed to engage with schools to carry out the work they do, as well as the general public for donations.

Concept Development
We believed it was important to get video content of the user themselves, the young people who Active Link have helped. We also wanted to film them interacting with the mentors to shoe their relationship. The mentors would be the perfect conduits to explain what Active Link do  to the audience and the first hand accounts from the young people would give credibility to what the mentors are claiming.
Looking at the variety of audiences that they needed to reach we proposed several edits for different purposes.
Homepage Video
A general video that explains what Active Link do and the impact they have. This will be for the people who have arrived on their website because they want to find out more information about what Active Link do. This can be longer in length as we have already grabbed the attention of the audience as they have already made the decision to come onto the website.
Donations Video
This will be in the Donate page of the website to convey the importance of these donations from everyday people.
School’s & Local Authorities
This video can be sent to schools to show what Active Link do within schools. The schools will already know the problem, so the video will focus more on Active Link being the solution and the methods for how they can help schools.
Social Media
This video will be used on social media to briefly explain the problem, how Active Link is the solution and convey the importance of donations from everyday people.

The mentors have their final round up with the users and we came along to speak to them as this was a good opportunity to capture case studies with them. These are always normally on the doorstep of their houses, a trend carried over from the Pandemic.

Because the Film Division team had never met the users, it would have been time consuming to build enough of a rapport to get the best quality answers out of them. So we asked the mentors to do it and filmed it as part of the video.

Because some of the users don’t want their faces on camera a workaround would be to get the mentors to interview them on their doorstep and never film the faces of the users. We would instead use shots of the mentor from behind user, shots of hands. For these scenes, we exclusively used a 70 – 200mm zoom lens handheld with the audio of both the user and the mentor captured by lapel microphones.

We then filmed one of the physical activities with the users, and used that opportunity to film the interviews with the mentors.

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