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Video Creation: Selecting Your Creative Input Level

Over the years we have all accumulated hundreds of hours of video creation. And in that time you could say we have learnt a few things. Especially when it comes to working with you, our client. We have found that it is best to determine early in the video creation process the level of creative input that you would like to have in the project. Do you want full control? Do you want to leave it to the professionals? We have broken this down into three different levels.

Level 1: We’ll do it all

We are professionals and have been doing this for a long time. As such, we know what makes a great video and especially what makes a great video for you and your business. We do our research, the only person who knows your brand better than us is you. You are paying for our experience, our directors and our creativity to bring your business to the big screen. You will obviously have input on your brand in the pre-production and also feedback on brand specific changes to the edit. Of course we’ve all heard the saying, “too many cooks spoil the broth.” and it couldn’t be any more truer than in video production. So it is important to make sure there aren’t too many creative stakeholders involved.

Level 2: We’re in it together

You trust us to make you a fantastic video but you feel like you want some real creative input during it’s creation. We are happy to accommodate this and work together to develop, shoot and deliver your video. This level is suitable for people in creative positions within your company. Or perhaps for companies using our services for a third party. This an excellent way to combine all over our expertise to co-create and co-produce amazing video content.

Level 3: We’re here for you

This is your project and we are here to get the job done. You will decide nearly every aspect of the production. From the overall concept and the script, the costume and set design through to the shot list and the precise editing of the video. This is ideal for creatives who have a very specific vision in mind. And works best with someone who has some experience with video production.


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