NERF Gun Warfare – Experimenting with our Phantom VEO 640S Super Slow Motion Camera

We’ve been writing and posting a lot about our Phantom VEO Super Slow Motion camera. You’ve seen some really cool footage from Mutt Motorcycles and much, much more. Yes, you can shoot beautiful cinematic images like the example below of the Netflix original Bright. But did you know that this camera is perfect for scientific experiments as well? We took one of our favourite toy guns and put it to the test.


Our Super Slow Motion Camera Test

The Phantom is well known for its ability measure the velocity of objects. As such, a NERF Gun bullet is a natural go-to test object. And be honest, which creative agency doesn’t have a NERF gun laying around? Our test setup is based on basic geometry. In the first place, the unit of measurement of velocity is meters per second. So basically, the speed is the distance an object moved in a defined time span. With this in mind, the frame rates provide a clear guide in measuring velocity. If we, for instance, film in 1500 frames per second and we can see how far an object travels through those frames, we’re close to measuring the velocity. There is however one challenge. How do we know how far an object travels on video? You can’t really put a ruler on the screen. Our solution? We put a ruler right beneath the NERF gun. That way you will know how exactly how far the bullet has moved between the different frames. All-in-all, check our full test video with our Super Slow Motion camera below:

The Results

This test reveals that a NERF gun bullet travels at roughly 50 Kilometres per hour. We had to bump the frame rate up 6000 frames per second to get a clear stable image to actually get sharp frames. However, the most important result of this little experiment is an better understanding of which frame rate to use in a high speed context. We now know how objects travelling at 50 kilometres per hour requires a frame rate of 6000 FPS.  This means that we can put our Super Slow Motion camera to good use in new projects.

Back to Video Marketing

This was a fun little test to do. This Super Slow Motion camera is an amazing piece of kit. However, if you don’t know what your doing, it might not turn out the way you want it to. Super Slow Motion projects require a lot of testing, calculations and engineering to get right. Quite often you only get one shot to get it right. However, the footage is amazing. In the crowded world of video marketing, footage like this will certainly set you apart from your competition. It’s all about your ability to stand out and grasp the attention of the audience with something they’ve never seen before. And that is precisely where a Super Slow Motion camera is put to good use.


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