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Web Video

In a commercial world, engaging online video content is paramount to success.

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Web Video

In a commercial world, engaging online video content is paramount to success.

Need a web video for your business?

Web Video Production

Web video production is crucial in today’s advertising framework. Viral video marketing can help you gain a reputation overnight! Thousands of videos are watched millions of times – either through embedded video content or through social media platforms. At Film Division, we offer a complete web video service – optimising the production for these platforms.

There is a big difference between web video production and traditional advertising. In an online environment, the audience is constantly prompted to click away from your message. We understand that our challenge is to grab the attention of your target audience in the first 10 seconds and continue to engage them. That’s why we offer a top-notch web video service for your needs.

Attract New Audiences with Our Web Video Service

In today’s digital environments, there is information everywhere. Audiences are constantly browsing through content to find something that interests them. If a piece of content does not engage an audience in the first few seconds, they move on. By creating a constantly moving, vibrant and eye catching piece of video content, your audience is more likely to stick around. They will spend those precious seconds immersing themselves in your brand. Because of this, knowing the sort of audience you want to attract is one of the most important aspects of Concept Development. We all know the saying that a picture contains a thousand words. Imagine what 25 pictures per second could convey! A video between 30 seconds and one minute in length is much easier to absorb than several paragraphs of text.

For anyone looking to market their business, product or service, online video is a must. This is because it allows you to communicate powerful messages about who you are and what you do instantly on a host of platforms. These include YouTube, Facebook, your website, etc. Instead of telling an audience what your service can do for them, you can show them with video. A potential customer can be shown how to use a product and how it will benefit their life, instead of reading it in a catalogue.

So, if you’d like to discover how Film Division can provide a web video service to meet your needs, contact us today. Because we are passionate about production, and use only the best equipment, we can help you reach new audiences.


"I felt really proud to be able to share our video"

Corinne Brazier - West Midlands Police

A Film Division crew member stands in a room looking out a large window across a vaste city scape.

Video services we offer

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Web video is crucial in today’s marketing framework. See how web video can supercharge your marketing strategy.

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