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It all starts with pen, paper and an idea.

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10 / 10


It all starts with pen, paper and an idea.

Need a scripwriting service for your business?


Scriptwriting – More than words

Scriptwriting is a crucial stage in the video production process. When writing a video script, you’re combining all elements of the pre-production phase. You know your audience, you’ve fine tuned your message and developed your (multi) video strategy. The concept for your film is there. But a script will really define every step of the video, convey visual movement, human emotion and the overall tone of the imagery. With a script, you identify key elements of a production. You’ll describe locations, props, costumes, as well as any equipment needed.

We understand that scriptwriting is more than just the words of an actor or voiceover artist. A script gives meaning and context to these phrases which would otherwise be hollow. Let’s take one line in a script: “thanks mate, that was quick”. Would you know what this person is referring to? Probably not. Instead, if it is complemented by a scene description, we do get the rich information we need to envision the shots: “Ben walks into a pub. The barman sees him walking towards the counter. He pulls a pint and places it in front of Ben.” Now the sentence “thanks mate, that was quick” makes more sense!

Creating the Perfect Video Script

At Film Division, we’ve got the right people with years of experience in the video production process to translate your message into a rich script. And we’ll make sure that it resonates with your audience. It takes time to write a proper script, but you get that time back as a result when filming and editing. Editing to a clearly defined script saves time and money in the post-production process. This is because the editor can use the video script to really gauge what the message is about.

If you want to find out more about the scriptwriting process, feel free to get in touch.


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