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Video Marketing Campaigns

Others will make you a video… we will make you a video marketing strategy.

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08 / 10

Video Marketing Campaigns

Others will make you a video… we will make you a video marketing strategy.

Need a video marketing service for your business?

Targeted Video Marketing

Video is the most diverse and influential medium to connect with your target audience. You need to tell your story, you need to be heard, you need to stand out amongst all of the other content out there. You need to let the world know you mean business. How do you tell that story? With video marketing. Video is an extremely influential approach to a marketing push; it convinces, encourages and energises a a target audience to make up their minds. We offer video marketing in Birmingham and beyond.

Every marketing campaign is specific and so is every accompanying video. Content for your main consumer to digest may require cinematic video content. This would likely be overkill for a simple business update from company leaders.

A successful video marketing strategy needs relevant, high-quality, results-driven video designed specifically for your audience. There’s more to this than just chucking a video on YouTube. You could have a fantastic video that has high production values, cinematic shots and fantastic acting. However, if you don’t know your audience it could fail to deliver results if not distributed correctly. Because of this, YouTube or Vimeo may not even be the right platform for your video.

We Provide Outstanding Video Marketing in Birmingham & Beyond

Getting to know your audience and their viewing behaviour is the most important step to develop a strategy. You might have specific business goals in mind as well. We take all of this on board to develop the right video marketing strategy that fits your message. This means that a video strategy isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

In a digital world awash with video content, you don’t want to let poor planning lead to disappointing results. Our in-house strategists will help you extract the maximum possible value from every single minute of footage we shoot. From long-term budget planning to one-off campaign briefs, our consultancy services will save you money, keep your content on brand and deliver the very best possible reach across multiple platforms.

It starts with your own unique message. We take that message and develop a video marketing strategy around it.


"Film division helped us tell our story… so well in fact, we haven’t looked back.​"

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A Film Division crew member stands in a room looking out a large window across a vaste city scape.

Video services we offer

Promote your business, excite and engage your prospective clients with cinematic video production.

How do you get on top of the competition? By showing your business like no one has seen it before: Slow Motion Video Production.

Capture every aspect of the event, from the atmosphere and buzz to the key messages and learning points.

Your website is your shop and a home page video is the branding on the shop.

Web video is crucial in today’s marketing framework. See how web video can supercharge your marketing strategy.

Video editing is an art form. We combine technical excellence with a driving passion for groundbreaking new work.

Animated content is fast becoming the go to medium for delivering facts and complex information.

Make sure your video reflects your company and gives off the right impression to your target audience.

It starts with your own unique message, we take that message, and we develop a video marketing strategy around it.

Your script is a crucial document in the video production process.