Film Division recognises and supports organisations and people, like you, that give a shit.

You’re the ones who get out of bed every morning to shape a better tomorrow.

We exist to help you get your message heard and inspire positive change in your audience’s behaviour.

Capturing heartbeats, igniting movements

Film Division sprouted from the seed of a dream: a world where change-makers and their visions are not just seen but felt. A video production house that collaborates, nurtures, and elevates, constructing bonds that go beyond just business.

Our story unfolded as individual creatives, wielding cameras and ideas, crossed paths. It was 2017, and we realised that while many tried to instigate change, few could truly make it reverberate. Our shared passion to amplify the voices of those building a better tomorrow forged Film Division.

From grassroots days to now, our tribe has empowered countless organisations to create waves of change. Armed with a cocktail of storytelling prowess, strategic know-how, and audience data, we unlock the power that lies in your story.

See, where others may simply craft visuals, we sculpt emotions. For us, it’s not just about racking up views; it’s about stirring souls. We comprehend the nuances in every frame, the cadence in every narrative. This isn’t about adding noise, it’s about honing in on what truly resonates.

Film Division is more than a video production company. We are the architects behind visions that inspire, the alchemists turning messages into movements. Together, let’s create ripples that transform into tidal waves of change

Life behind the lens

Your Team


Concept Developer & Creative Director
I choose to harness this power as a force for good and make the world a better place. My content helps teachers become better teachers, supports the energy transition and shines light on the sustainable technology of tomorrow.


Video Designer & Creative Director
I grew up around nature and appreciate its beauty. Knowing that this is in danger, and that my grandchildren may not get to experience all of its wonders is abhorrent to me. I now use my skills to create videos to change the world for the better.


I truly care about solving the problems we have in the world. I want to help by creating video content that not only persuades others to care but also takes up the banner of change.


Video Producer
We all have a part to play in creating positive change. My part is to make sure we run our productions as efficiently and as sustainable as possible.

Real people…reel results

“The initial reaction I had after our first meeting was that Film Division was going to help me deliver.”

Bruno | VINCI Energies
Norma Johnston

“I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Film Division, in fact, I’d go a lot further than that. I would commend them to you.”

Norma | Schools Buying Club

““…Film Division really helped us to shape what it was we wanted, what we were trying to get out of it. You really made us focus on the end product and who we were trying to reach”

Corrine | West-Midlands Police
Richard Allen

““…the end result is a 90-second cinematic, really nicely shot video. I know it’s generated business. People tell me that part of the reason they choose us is because of the professional image that we have on our website.”

Richard | Reflections Detailing
Jim Sephton

“Our experience with Film Division was very positive. It was a very collaborative approach. They were very easy to work with.”

Jim | Grange Live Gaming
Haq Meharban

“The video delivered the right message in the right way. I think your passion for a project that you take on is clearly visible.”

Haq | Instinct Hardware

“All five are simply excellent. Thank you.  They make pipetting look sexy and exciting which is amazing.  The clarity of the spoken word is fantastic, and the labs seems very busy.  The video quality in terms of material is simply great.”

Steve | University of Birmingham

Creating change… one frame at a time

Unleash your
vision's impact…

At Film Division we don’t just make videos – we spark movements. Born from a collective passion to amplify change-makers, we craft cinematic narratives that resonate and inspire.

Our tapestry weaves creativity with strategy, turning visions into visceral experiences. We’re not just a production house; we’re collaborators, alchemists, and storytellers. From the whispers of an idea to the thunderclap of impact, we’re by your side. Together, let’s stir souls and sculpt a world buzzing with positive change.

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