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Marketing Manager

Helping you achieve your business marketing video objectives

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Marketing Manager

Helping you achieve your business marketing video objectives

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Marketing Video Production

Whether you’re selling your product or service to a consumer or business, marketing is key. It should be a focus for all companies and corporations alike. As a marketing manager, your job is as diverse as the challenges you face every day. From targeted online Facebook marketing to internal communication to keep staff excited and motivated, there are many tasks to undertake. Video is a powerful tool for meeting any marketing challenge. This is because it persuades and seduces. It excites and motivates a potential customer to make a decision.

Just as every marketing challenge is different, so is every video project. Firstly, for your customer facing content, you might need high-end cinematic video content. This approach could be overkill for an internal business update from senior management. As a marketing manager, you’d need a partner in video production who understands the many differences between external and internal content. Secondly, you’ll need a partner who knows how to produce the right content for your audience. Better yet, a partner who will help you align your marketing video with your overall corporate strategy. Finally, you’ll need flexibility in a video partner. Someone who has the video equipment to up or downscale the production quality in line with the video strategy and production budget.

Film Production Tailored to Your Corporate Objectives

Film Division is that partner. With our experience and production equipment, we can be your partner for any video marketing project from high-end commercials to internal web-streams and everything in between. Naturally, you’ll continue to have the same point of contact for all projects without the need to liaise with multiple agencies. Here at Film Division, we make your corporate DNA part of ours. We’ll serve as an extension to you and your team. Think of us as your private internal video department who will be there when you need them. Whatever the challenge, Film Division is here to help.


"The quality has massively improved since we started working with Film Division"

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Video services we offer

Promote your business, excite and engage your prospective clients with cinematic video production.

How do you get on top of the competition? By showing your business like no one has seen it before: Slow Motion Video Production.

Capture every aspect of the event, from the atmosphere and buzz to the key messages and learning points.

Your website is your shop and a home page video is the branding on the shop.

Web video is crucial in today’s marketing framework. See how web video can supercharge your marketing strategy.

Video editing is an art form. We combine technical excellence with a driving passion for groundbreaking new work.

Animated content is fast becoming the go to medium for delivering facts and complex information.

Make sure your video reflects your company and gives off the right impression to your target audience.

It starts with your own unique message, we take that message, and we develop a video marketing strategy around it.

Your script is a crucial document in the video production process.