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Your new High End Video Production partner, the extension to your in-house team


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High end video production could be more achievable than you might think. As a creative agency, many of the services you provide to your customers can be provided in-house with your wealth of knowledge and skills. However, sometimes you do have to look for an external partner with specific expertise to get your clients high end video production. Here at Film Division, we do the same. We know we only do one thing really well and that is video, for the rest, we hire experts. With Film Division as a partner for your creative agency, you can rely on a wealth of experience and equipment to help you serve your clients with a wide range of high end video production services. Whether it’s a vibrant high end commercial, an exciting super slow motion project or a corporate documentary, Film Division is here to help.

A high end brand film stands out amongst the sea of typical corporate video. You need something different and eye catching to promote your client and their marketing goals. Some of your clients target customers will only watch a typical video if they have to. Alternatively, well composed shots, emotional story and excellent sounding piece high end video production keeps an audience engaged. Coupled with your combined efforts of viral ad campaigning and brand development, we’ll make a winning team for your client.

It’s our vision to be an extension to your existing creative team. You set the brief and requirements. Together we’ll develop a production plan to get your client the results they want and need. We’ll manage the pre-production, production and post-production for you so you can focus on what you do well. Naturally you and potentially your client will be part of the quality control process. That is how we ensure we deliver the right content. Your goal is to make the right content for your clients, we’re here to help you make that happen. Let’s work together to create amazing video and film content.

"Film division helped us tell our story… so well in fact, we haven’t looked back!."

Richard Spicer - Director - Creative Tweed


Video services we offer

How do you get on top of the competition? By showing your business like no one has seen it before: Slow Motion Video Production.
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Capture every aspect of the event, from the atmosphere and buzz to the key messages and learning points.
Video editing is an art form. We combine technical excellence with a driving passion for groundbreaking new work.