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Why we do what we do.

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Finding Our Purpose

Film Division has been an established brand for over 10 years. In that time, many team members have come and gone but we all had something in common, we wanted to create beautiful imagery.

After years of producing thousands of videos for hundreds of clients, we began to lose our passion and enthusiasm for what we did. We all realised that we wanted more for the company than to simply exist, we needed purpose, a reason than to just make rich men richer.  Working for companies whose sole reason for existing seems to be nothing more than putting money in someone else’s pocket.

After a fact finding mission, we realised what we were missing. We needed to know that our work was making a positive difference to the world. We finally all had another thing in common, we all wanted to make the world a better place for people, planet and prosperity. In our case, our weapon of choice would be what we know best; video content.

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Everything we do is people focused. We deal with people, the audiences we are trying to connect with are people, not statistics. As such, we want to help people to change their behaviours for the better and improve their wellbeing.

We nurture a “friendly and fun” work environment at our offices and on our sets.

Everyone we interact with is treated with respect, from the CEO to the cleaner. And quite often we find that the cleaner can better explain their purpose than the CEO.




We value nature and the environment and actively try to run our business sustainably and with a low carbon footprint. Although we’re relatively small, we’ve got big goals! We use public transport and bicycles for our commute and we don’t over produce our productions. Furthermore, we recycle and re-use as much as we can.


We build awareness of environmental, political and social issues. Therefore, prosperity to us means so much more than profit. Yes, we as a business have a goal to grow our revenue year after year. But deciding how we use the profit is what makes us different. 

Next to our internal definition of prosperity, we’re dedicated to follow the same philosophy in the work we do for our clients. With every project, we will ask if it’s purely profit focussed or if there’s a prosperity element as well. If you come to us for plain profit, we’ll gladly give you the contact details of our colleagues at other video marketing agencies. But if you care about prosperity the way we do. If you put people and planet over profit. We’ll give you everything we’ve got. 

We promote science and facts by calling out fake news and challenge the status quo.

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Our Mission

We give a sh*t, about companies that give a shit. 

With our purpose defined and a unified realisation that every team member cares and share the same level of commitment, Film Division now has its mission. We exist to enable and empower the changemakers of today to support positive change for a brighter future tomorrow for people, planet and prosperity.

We standby our stance on only working with organisations or on projects that do good in the world. We regularly volunteer our services to a charities that we find worthy and would not be able to afford the cost. 

We’ve worked with businesses that recycle aggregate, businesses that are installing green energy infrastructure, and mental health charities.

If you make the world a better place, if you give a shit like us – lets have a conversation to see how we can help.