Video Marketing, it’s like magic!


What do you get when you’ve got a magician in the office, a super slow-motion camera on shelf and a strange desire to play with fire? That’s right, you start to play with fire and film it in super slow-motion. That’s what we call some magical video marketing.

The Magician

It was actually by pure coincidence that we met Marc the Magician. He’s a friend of a friend and after a cup of coffee, whilst discussing our favourite Lego Star Wars sets, we decided to just experiment with the camera and film some cool stuff. We knew Marc has some tricks up his sleeves (Pun Intended). So away we went to set up. Card tricks, fire breathing and more, all ingredients for some magical video marketing.

Behind the scenes: Magical Video Marketing

The Camera

Our camera of choice for this piece of magical video marketing is of course the Phantom VEO 4K. We’ve written about this beauty before and it remains one of our favourite cameras to film with. With the 1000 frames per second in 4K resolution, it’s a beast. It actually means that when we film something that happens in 1 second real-time, it will take 40 seconds to watch at normal speed, 25 frames per second.

The Lens

We’ve written before about how much light is needed when filming in Slow-Motion. One way to reduce the amount of light needed is by using a lens with a fast T or F stop. If you’re curious about the specific lens technology, check out our introduction into T-Stops in our blog titled “Video Marketing Gear: No More Fear Of The Dark“. In this case, the Zeiss CP.3 lenses proved their worth again! It’s the same lens we used for this short film for Mutt Motorcycles in Birmingham:

Are you curious to find out what Slow Motion videography can do for your business? Could your products or service use some Magical Video Marketing? Get in touch and let’s talk!

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